MMSys 2013

February 27 – March 1, 2013
Oslo, Norway

Video recording of most talks are available, linked from the programs of MMSys and NOSSDAV.

In 2013, MMSys was joined by two workshops: NOSSDAV & MoVid. These workshops are expected to be co-located with MMSys in future conferences.


  • Main track
    • Submitted: 64
    • Accepted: 15 (23.4%)
  • Dataset track
    • Submitted: 18
    • Accepted: 11 (61%)
  • Demo track:
    • Submitted: 4
    • Accepted: 3 (75%)
  • 3DMM Special Session
    • Submitted: 8
    • Accepted: 3 (37.5%)
    • Submitted: 31
    • Accepted: 10 (32.3%)
  • MoVid
    • Submitted: 17
    • Accepted: 11 (64.7%)


78 paid attendees + 27 complimentary registrations given to conference sponsors.


  • 25000 NOK (~3500 USD) from Norwegian Research Council
  • 70000 NOK (~10000 USD) from iAd center
    (led by Microsoft, includes Accenture etc.)
  • 20000 NOK (~2900 USD), free staff and equipment from Simula
  • 1500 USD from FXPal
  • free rooms, other facilities, cleaning, tech support
    from University of Oslo

Full Paper Track

Multimedia systems permeate many aspects of our daily life, and are steadily developed further. MMSys is a venue for researchers who explore:

  • Complete multimedia systems that provide a new kind of multimedia experience or systems whose overall performance improves the state-of-the-art through new research results in one of more components, or
  • Enhancements to one or more system components that provide a documented improvement over the state-of-the-art for handling continuous media or time-dependent services.

Such individual system components include:

  • Operating systems
  • Distributed architectures and protocol enhancements
  • Domain languages, development tools and abstraction layers
  • Using new architectures or computing resources for multimedia
  • New or improved I/O architectures or I/O devices, innovative uses and algorithms for their operation
  • Representation of continuous or time-dependent media
  • Metrics, measures and measurement tools to assess performance

This touches aspects of many hot topics: DASH, games, virtual environments, augmented reality, 3D video, immersive systems, telepresence, multi- and many-core, GPGPUs, mobile streaming, P2P, Clouds, and cyber-physical systems.

MMSys accepted full papers with 6 to 12 pages. Authors were encouraged to judiciously tailor the length of their papers as appropriate for the depth and scope of the research being described.

The deadline for submissions was September 28, 2012.

Best papers’ authors were invited to submit a modified version of their contribution to the ACM TOMCCAP (Transaction on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications) journal.

Special Session: 3D Technology in Multimedia

As MMSys provides a unique opportunity to highlight complete systems dealing with multimedia datatypes, the special session on 3D Technology in Multimedia targets tools and applications dedicated to 3D data. 3D data is increasingly investigated by multimedia systems researchers, while researchers in 3D technology put it in a context of larger systems.

The aim of this special session was to give an opportunity for communicating new developments and systems built for 3D in multimedia. Brave news ideas, ambitious and pioneering work were particularly welcome. Researchers, engineers from different background like signal processing, 3D modeling, visual systems, or communication and systems developing interested in sharing work on 3D in multimedia were given the opportunity to get together and learn from each other.

The papers for this special sessions were reviewed by a TPC of experts who specialize in research that combines the two fields. Submissions could be between 6 and 12 pages long and were due on November 15, 2012 November 22, 2012.

Best papers’ authors were encouraged to submit an extended version of their contribution to the IEEE TMM (Transaction in Multimedia) journal.


NOSSDAV is a workshop being held for the 23rd time. It focuses on the hottest work in multimedia systems. NOSSDAV covers emerging research topics, high-risk high-return ideas and proposals, and future research directions in multimedia networking and systems. It encourages active participation and discussions among academic and industry researchers and practitioners. The workshop seeks research papers in all areas of multimedia networking and systems. NOSSDAV called for papers of up to 6 pages with a deadline on November 26, 2012.

The 5th Mobile Video (MoVid) Workshop provides the opportunity to present and discuss recent advances in the broad area of mobile video services. Its goal is to understand of the research and deployment challenges in building the Next Generation Mobile Video services. It addresses in particular novel mobile video applications and architectures, research challenges in developing new techniques for providing rich video experience on wireless mobile devices, new visions and concepts to support high quality video services on heterogeneous mobile devices and network conditions and deployment challenges of new and scalable mobile video services. MoVid called for papers of up to 6 pages with a deadline in November 12, 2012.

Open poster session

To encourage discussions at the conference, all participants of the conference were also given the opportunity to exhibit posters. These posters were for discussion only and not connected to a publication.

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