MMSys 2010 Technical Program

The technical program includes the following four invited papers and 25 papers selected by the program committee.

Link to proceedings in the ACM Digital Library


Monday, Feb. 22, 8:30-8:45am

Coding and Processing

Monday, Feb. 22, 8:45am-10:25am

  • Exploring NVIDIA-CUDA for video coding
    Aleksandar Colic; Hari Kalva; Borko Furth
  • Exploiting Multi-level Parallelism for Low-latency Activity Recognition in Streaming Video
    Mingyu Chen; Lily Mummert; Padmanabhan Pillai; Alexander Hauptmann; Rahul Sukthankar
  • Semi-automatic Registration of Videos for Improved Watermark Detection
    Philipp Schaber; Stephan Kopf; Niels Thorwirth; Wolfgang Effelsberg
  • Low Overhead Container Format for Adaptive Streaming
    Haakon Riiser; Pål Halvorsen; Carsten Griwodz; Dag Johansen

System Performance

Monday, Feb. 22, 10:45am-12:00pm

  • Empirical Evaluation of Latency-sensitive Application Performance in the Cloud
    Sean K Barker; Prashant Shenoy
  • Online Layered Learning for Cross-layer Optimization of Dynamic Multimedia Systems
    Nicholas Mastronarde; Mihaela van der Schaar
  • Storage Optimization for a Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand Network
    Jagadeesh M Dyaberi; Vijay S Pai

Wireless and Mobile

Monday, Feb. 22, 1:30pm-3:10pm

  • A Credit-based Home Access Point (CHAP) to Improve Application Performance on IEEE 802.11 Networks
    Choong-Soo Lee; Mark Claypool; Robert Kinicki
  • Multicast Scheduling for Scalable Video Streaming in Wireless Networks
    Vladimir Vukadinovic; Gyorgy Dan
  • Modeling and Generation of AVC and SVC-TS Mobile Video Traces for Broadband Access Networks
    Abdel Karim Al Tamimi; Raj Jain; Chakchai So-In
  • Video Streaming over Cooperative Wireless Networks
    Yi Liu; Mohamed Hefeeda


Monday, Feb. 22, 3:30pm-5:10pm

  • Achieving Viewing Time Scalability in Mobile Video Streaming Using Scalable Video Coding
    Cheng-Hsin Hsu; Mohamed Hefeeda
  • Live Peer-to-Peer Streaming with Scalable Video Coding and Networking Coding
    Shabnam Mirshokraie; Mohamed Hefeeda
  • Analysis of Peer-assisted Video-on-Demand Systems with Scalable Video Streams
    Kianoosh Mokhtarian; Mohamed Hefeeda
  • Multi-Application Inter-Tile Synchronization on Ultra-High-Resolution Display Walls
    Sungwon Nam; Sachin Deshpande; Venkatram Vishwanath; Byungil Jeong; Luc Renambot; Jason Leigh


Tuesday, Feb. 23, 8:30am-9:45am

  • An Evaluation of TCP-based Rate-Control Algorithms for Adaptive Internet Streaming of H.264/SVC
    Robert Kuschnig; Ingo Kofler; Hermann Hellwagner
  • Quality-Aware Segment Transmission Scheduling in Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems
    Cheng-Hsin Hsu; Mohamed Hefeeda
  • Paceline: Latency Management through Adaptive Output
    Aiman M Erbad; Mahdi Tayarani Najaran; Charles Krasic

Invited Papers

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 10:00am-12:00pm

  • Latency Can Kill: Precision and Deadline in Online Games
    Mark Claypool, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Extending Models of Conflict and Intent Dynamics in Narrative-Based Virtual Worlds
    R. Michael Young, North Carolina State University
  • Blending Games, Multimedia and Reality
    Chris Gauthier Dickey, University of Denver
  • Reconfigurable Video Coding – a Stream Programming Approach to the Specification of New Video Coding Standards
    Marco Mattavelli, EPFL

Search and Navigation

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 1:30pm-2:45pm

  • Vector Model in Support of Versatile Georeferenced Video Search
    Seon Ho Kim; Sakire Arslan Ay; Byunggu Yu; Roger Zimmermann
  • The Video Explorer: A Tool for Navigation and Searching within a Single Video based on Fast Content Analysis
    Klaus Schöffmann; Mario Taschwer; Laszlo Böszörmenyi
  • Supporting Zoomable Video Streams with Dynamic Region-of-Interest Cropping
    Khiem Ngo; Guntur Ravindra; Axel Carlier; Wei Tsang Ooi

Tele-immersion and Virtual Environments

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 3:00pm-4:40pm

  • Adaptive Mixed Reality Stroke Rehabilitation: System Architecture and Evaluation Metrics
    Yinpeng Chen; Nicole Lehrer; Hari Sundaram; Thanassis Rikakis
  • A Methodology for Remote Virtual Interaction in Teleimmersive Environments
    Ramanarayan Vasudevan; Edgar Lobaton; Gregorij Kurillo; Ruzena Bajcsy; Tony Bernardin; Bernd Hamann; Klara Nahrstedt
  • UbiREMOTE: Framework for Remotely Controlling Networked Appliances through Interaction with 3D Virtual Space
    Kohta Kiyokawa; Shinya Yamamoto; Naoki Shibata; Keiichi Yasumoto; Minoru Ito
  • Virtual Worlds Real Traffic: Interaction and Adaptation
    Alan Miller; Iain Oliver; Colin Allison

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