MMSys 2015 Technical Program Schedule

MMSys 2015: Technical Program

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

0800-0900 Registration
0830-0845 Opening Remarks
0845-1000 Keynote Address

1000-1030 Coffee Break
1030-1200 Session 1 – Mobile

  • LBVC: Towards Low-bandwidth Video Chat on Smartphones – X. Qi, Q. Yang, D. Nguyen, G. Zhou, G. Peng
  • Video Composition in the Crowd: A System to Compose User-Generated Videos in Near Real-Time – S. Wilk, S. Kopf, W. Effelsberg
  • EMOD: An Efficient On-Device Mobile Visual Search System – D. Li, M. Chuah
1200-1315 Lunch
1315-1445 Session 2 – Clouds and CDNs

  • Optimizing the Video Transcoding Workflow in Content Delivery Networks - D. Krishnappa, M. Zink, R. Sitaraman
  • Transcoding Live Adaptive Video Streams at a Massive Scale in the Cloud – R. Aparicio-Pardo, K. Pires, A. Blanc, G. Simon
  • Hive Streaming: CDN-quality adaptive HTTP live streaming on peer-to-peer overlays - R. Roverso, R. Reale, S. El-Ansary, S. Haridi
1445-1600 Coffee Break Demo Session Intel AR Demo
  • Expert Driven Semi-Supervised Elucidation Tool for Medical Endoscopic Videos -
    Z. Albisser, M. Riegler, P. Halvorsen, J. Zhou, C. Griwodz, I. Balasingham, C. Gurrin
  • Merge and Forward – Self-Organized Inter-Destination Multimedia Synchronization — B. Rainer, S. Petscharnig, C. Timmerer
  • Energy Efficient Video Encoding Using the Tegra K1 Mobile Processor — K. R. Stokke, H. K. Stensland, C. Griwodz, P. Halvorsen
  • Media Download Optimization Through Prefetching and Resource Allocation in Mobile Networks — C. Koch, N. Bui, J. Ruckert, G. Fioravantti, F. Michelinakis, S. Wilk, J. Widmer, D. Hausheer
  • How Much Delay Is There Really in Current Games? — K. Raaen, A. Petlund
  • Scaling Virtual Camera Services to a Large Number of Users — V. R. Gaddam, R. Langseth, H. K. Stensland, C. Griwodz, D. Johansen, P. Halvorsen
  • Rhizome: Utilizing the Public Cloud to Provide 3D Gaming Infrastructure
    R. Shea, D. Fu, J. Liu
  • Video BenchLab Demo: An Open Platform for Realistic Benchmarking of Streaming Media Workloads — P. Pegus II, E. Cecchet, P. Shenoy
1600-1730 Special Session on Augmented Reality

  • Content First – A concept for Industrial Augmented Reality Maintenance Applications using Mobile Devices – T. Engelke, J. Keil, P. Rojtberg, F. Wientapper, U. Bockholt
  • MMT+AR: Architecture for enabling Collaborative Augmented Reality using ISO’s MPEG Media Transport – K. Venkatraman, Y. Tian, S. Raghuraman, B. Prabhakaran, N. Nguyen
  • Depth-Disparity Calibration for Augmented Reality on Binocular Optical See-Through Displays – W. Wu, I. Tošić, K. Berkner, N. Balram
1830-2100 Reception

Thursday, March 19, 2015

0830-1000 Session 3 – Streaming

  • Congestion-aware MAC layer adaptation to improve video teleconferencing over Wi-Fi – W. Chen, L. Ma, C. Shen
  • Integrated Prefetching and Caching for Adaptive Video Streaming over HTTP: An Online Approach – K. Liang, J. Hao, R. Zimmermann, D. Yau
  • Dynamic Configuration of Single Frequency Networks in Mobile Streaming Systems – S. Almowuena, M. Hefeeda
1000-1030 Coffee Break
1030-1200 Session 4 – Measurement and Performance

  • Video BenchLab: An Open Platform for Realistic Benchmarking of Streaming Media Workloads – P. Pegus II, E. Cecchet, P. Shenoy
  • Screencast Dissected: Performance Measurements and Design Considerations – C. Hsu, T. Tsai, C. Huang, C. Hsu, K. Chen
  • Analysis and Characterization of a Video-on-Demand Service Workload -A. Ali-Eldin, M. Kihl, J. Tordsson, E. Elmroth
12:00-1315 Lunch
1315-1445 Dataset Track Session 1 

  • Multi-sensor Concert Recording Dataset Including Professional and User-generated Content - W. Bailer, C. Pike, R. Bauwens, R. Grandl, M. Matton, M. Thaler
  • Div150Cred: A Social Image Retrieval Result Diversification with User Tagging Credibility Dataset – B. Ionescu, A. Popescu, M. Lupu, A. L. Ginsca, B. Boteanu, H. Müller
  • A Scalable Video Coding Dataset and Toolchain for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP – C. Kreuzberger, D. Posch, H. Hellwagner
  • RAISE – A Raw Images Dataset for Digital Image Forensics - D-T. Dang-Nguyen, C. Pasquini, G. Boato
  • YouTube Live and Twitch: A Tour of User-Generated Live Streaming Systems - K. Pires, G. Simon
1445-1545 Break / Open Posters
  • Class-Act: Datasets from a Human Posture/Activity Classification Investigation — J. Kemp
  • Energy and Performance Optimisation of a Simple Video Encoder on the Jetson-TK1 — K. R. Stokke
  • The Cameraman Operating My Virtual Camera Is Artificial: Can The Machine Be As Good As A Human? — V. R. Gaddam
1545-1715 Dataset Track Session 2

  • The Toulouse Vanishing Points Dataset - V. Angladon, S. Gasparini, V. Charvillat
  • Stanford I2V: A News Video Dataset for Query-by-Image Experiments - A. Araujo, J. Chaves, D. Chen, R. Angst, B. Girod
  • Data Set of Fall Events and Daily Activities from Inertial Sensors - O. Ojetola, E. Gaura, J. Brusey
  • A Multi-Lens Stereoscopic Synthetic Video Dataset - F. Zhang, W. Feng, F. Liu
1715-1730 Closing Remarks
1930-2200 Banquet

Friday, March 20, 2015

0830-1200 Morning Sessions NOSSDAV MoVid Workshop MMVE Workshop
1200-1300 Lunch Break
1300-1540 Afternoon Sessions NOSSDAV

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