Conference Program

General Schedule

Monday, Sep. 24


Tueday, Sep. 25

Main conference, arts program, evening reception

Wednesday, Sep. 26

Main conference, arts program, conference banquet dinner

Thursday, Sep 27

Main conference, arts program

Friday, Sep 28

All Workshops

Saturday, Sep 29

MIR Workshop



Conference Events

  • Full Papers
  • Short Papers
  • Workshops
  • Tutorials
  • Demos
  • Doctoral Symposium
  • Video Program
  • Open Source Contest
  • Panel
  • Brave New Topics
  • Interactive Arts Program Papers and Exhibition


Keynote Speakers


Invited Talk: SmartWeb: Multimodal Web Services on the Road
Invited Speaker: Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster, DFKI

Tuesday, September 25th, 9:00am

Minoru Etoh-web

Invited Talk: Insights into Future Mobile Multimedia Applications
Invited Speaker: Dr. Minoru Etoh , Research Laboratories, NTT DoCoMo

Thursday, September 26th, 9:00am


Applications Keynote Speakers

Reiner Fageth_small

Invited Talk: Applied Image Science - From Consumers' Digital Files to Tangible Image Products
Invited Speaker: Dr. Fageth, CeWe Color

Wednesday, September 26th, 9:15am


Invited Talk: The Workplace of the Future
Invited Speaker: Prof. Dr. Lutz Heuser, SAP AG

Wednesday, September 26th, 8:30am