SIGMM Award for Outstanding Contributions to Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications

March 2010


By Hong-Jiang Zhang (Microsoft Research)

2010 Call for Nominations of Multimedia Researchers for the SIGMM Award for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications

Deadline for Nominations: May 1, 2010
Submission of Nomination Material to Awards Committee Chair: Hong-Jiang Zhang (

This award is presented every year to a researcher who has made significant and lasting contributions to multimedia computing, communication and applications. Outstanding technical contributions through research and practice is recognized. Towards this goal, contributions are considered from academia and industry that focus on major advances in multimedia including multimedia processing, multimedia systems, multimedia network protocols and services, and multimedia applications and interfaces. The award recognizes members of the community for long-term technical accomplishments or those who have made a notable impact through a significant technical innovation.

The selection committee focuses on candidates' contributions as judged by innovative ideas, influence in the community, and/or the technical/social impact resulting from their work. The award includes a $1000 honorarium, an award certificate of recognition, and an invitation for the recipient to present a keynote talk at a current year's SIGMM-sponsored conference, the ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM Multimedia). A public citation for the award will be placed on the SIGMM website.

The award honorarium, the award certificate of recognition and travel expenses to the ACM International Conference on Multimedia is fully sponsored by the SIGMM budget.

Nominations are solicited by May 1, 2010, with decision made by June 30, 2010, in time to allow the above recognition and award presentation at ACM Multimedia 2010. Nominations for the award must include:

  1. A statement summarizing the candidate's accomplishments, description of the significance of the work, and justification of the nomination (two pages maximum);
  2. Curriculum Vitae of the nominee;
  3. Three endorsement letters supporting the nomination including the significant contributions of the candidate. Each endorsement should be no longer than 500 words with clear specification of nominee contributions and impact on the multimedia field;
  4. A concise statement (one sentence) of the achievement(s) for which the award is being given. This statement will appear on the award certificate and on the website.

The nomination rules are:

  1. The nominee can be any member of the scientific community.
  2. The nominator must be a SIGMM member.
  3. No self-nomination is allowed.
  4. Nominations that do not result in an award can be resubmitted.
  5. The SIGMM elected officers as well as members of the Awards Selection Committee are not eligible.

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