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March 2009 Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Summer Intern Position

Employer: FXPAL, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Valid until: June 1, 2009
More info:

We are recruiting a summer intern to work on a multimedia streaming project at FXPAL. The goal is to build a prototype system that can be used to capture distributed meetings, live viewing/replay of a moderated feed, and allow end-user control of all captured streams. A variety of different streams will be captured including video, RGB (e.g., slides or animations), and audio. Remote participation might include video teleconferences (e.g., H.323), ad hoc webcam video streams, or virtual world streams. The person selected should have strong programming skills. Experience with GStreamer, H.323, and multimedia applications desired.

PhD position on 3D Video Processing for Mixed-Reality Arts Performances

Employer: Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
Valid until: 1. June 2009
More info:

Simula Research Laboratory offer a PhD scholarship. The PhD student will work on the Verdione project ( Verdione develops networking and video processing technologies for distributed and mixed-reality arts performances. The PhD student is expected to perform research in the field of real-time 3D video capturing, 3D video processing and 3D display technologies and to validate his research in under the umbrella of the International World Opera (

2 PhD positions on Next generation (sports) entertainment systems

Employer: University of Oslo, Norway
Valid until: 1. June 2009
More info:

As part of the center research-based innovation Information Access Disruptions (iAD,, the University of Oslo (Norway) offers 2 PhD scholarships.

The candidates will work on system support for video streaming and search in a scenario of next generation (sports) entertainment where users themselves can select camera(s), arbitrary viewpoints and viewing angles generated from multiple video sources and further manipulate the video streams.

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