Organizing Committee

General Chair
Svyatoslav Voloshynovskiy
University of Geneva, Switzerland

Local Arrangement Chair and Treasurer
Oleksiy Koval
University of Geneva, Switzerland

Program Chairs
Jana Dittmann
University of Magdeburg, Germany

Jessica Fridrich
SUNY Binghamton, USA

Ramesh Jain
Georgia Tech, USA

Program Committee
Mauro Barni
CNIT, Italy
Ahmet M. Eskicioglu

Teddy Furon
IRISA, France

Mariam Haroutunian
Yerevan State University, Armenia

Ton Kalker
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories , USA

Stefan Katzenbeisser
Philips Research, The Netherlands

Deepa Kundur
Texas A&M University, USA

Inald Lagendijk
Delft University, The Netherlands

Heung-Kyo Lee
KAIST, South Korea

Nasir Memon
NY Polytechnic University, USA

M. Kivanc Mihcak
Bogazici University, Turkey

Pierre Moulin

Fernando Perez-Gonzalez
University of Vigo, Spain

Thierry Pun
University of Geneva, Switzerland

Clauss Vielhauer
University of Magdeburg, Germany

Min Wu
University of Maryland, USA


The objective of the 8th ACM Multimedia and Security Workshop is to identify the key issues to be addressed by future research in the areas of media manipulation recognition, media data authentication, and detection of hidden communication channels. We expect the workshop to help motivate this research and to establish fruitful relationships with the key actors from academia, industry, and government in the US and European and Asian countries (past workshops). It will consist of invited papers, full papers, short papers, and possibly a rump or a panel session. This event continues a successful series of workshops started in 1998.


  • Discussion of emerging technologies in digital multi-media authentication, identification, fingerprinting, and steganalysis.
  • Identification of key research problems with the biggest impact on specified deficiencies in the field of multimedia security and distribution
  • Formulation of target applications of said technologies (in both the commercial and military sector)
  • Discussion of legal issues connected to multimedia security, digital watermarking, and steganography

  •  Robust watermarking of multimedia
  •  Informational-theoretical aspects of data hiding
  •  Forensic analysis of digital multimedia
  •  Watermarking quality evaluation and benchmarks
  •  Data hiding applications in biometrics: document security and person authentication
  •  Authentication of multimedia
  •  Steganography and steganalysis
  •  Practical systems with aspects of data hiding
  •  New applications, security issues, and legal aspects

Call for papers includes request for full papers with high degree of innovations as well as papers for the rump session where we encourage people submitting papers that are interesting incremental improvements of existing art or sufficiently motivated papers with new ideas and research directions. Full papers should be 6–12 pages long, rump session papers 4-6 pages long (ACM format Accepted papers will be published as ACM workshop proceedings.