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ICMR 2011 will include only one Special Sessions for innovative and frontier topics in the field of multimedia retrieval.

Automatic Tagging and Geo-Tagging in Video Collections and Communities

Dr. Martha Larson

(Multimedia Information Retrieval Lab, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)

Subject labels and tags are a convenient and effective form of metadata that support users in quickly and easily finding and re-finding video content. In video archives and other curated video collections, labeling content with keywords is a longstanding practice. Although the use of metadata in the form of tags and geo-tags is widespread and well established, surprisingly many multimedia items remain under-annotated, or completely un-annotated. This special session is dedicated to the presentation of algorithms developed to automatically tag or geo-tag videos. The novelty of such algorithms is that they exploit the full range of information sources available in video collections and communities. These sources include not only the spoken and visual content of the video, but also associated textual metadata, collateral text sources and the social context. The motivation for this special session is to provide a forum that presents research that brings together established multimodal approaches to annotation, with new methods that make use of user-contributed annotations and other social information. This special session complements other events that bring together scientists from the research community around the topics of social media computing and multimedia. The contribution that will make to ICMR 2011 lies in the uniqueness of the elements it combines. The work presented in the special session brings proven techniques from the areas of multimodal content analysis and information retrieval (IR) together with new techniques that exploit the advantages of the collection context and social community. The special session also aims to raise awareness in the multimedia retrieval community of the important research benefits that can be derived from organizing and participating in benchmark evaluations.


146 Automatic Tagging and Geotagging in Video Collections and Communities
M. Larson, M. Soleymani, P. Serdyukov, S. Rudinac, C. Wartena, V. Murdock, G. Friedland, R. Ordelman, G.J.F.Jones
152 Multi-modal, Multi-resource Methods for Placing Flickr Videos on the Map
S. Schmiedeke, P. Kelm, T. Sikora
169 Finding Media Illustrating Events
R. Troncy, X. Liu, B. Huet


October 15, 2010 : Special Session and Tutorials Proposals
November 5, 2010 : Special Session and Tutorials Selection
December 15, 2010 : Paper Submission

February 23, 2011 : Notification of acceptance
March 4, 2011 : Submission of camera-ready papers

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