2016 ACM SIGMM Rising Stars Symposium

2016 ACM SIGMM Rising Stars Symposium
Amsterdam, October 19th, 2016, 4-6pm
(part of ACM Multimedia Conference 2016, http://www.acmmm.org/2016/)
The ACM SIGMM Rising Stars Symposium, inaugurated in 2015
(http://sigmm.org/news/sigmm_workshop_mf), will highlight plenary
presentations of six selected rising SIGMM members on their vision and
research achievements, and dialogs with senior members about the future
of multimedia research.
Organizers: Susanne Boll and Shih-Fu Chang
1. Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media in Personal and Societal
Munmun De Choudhury, Georgia Institute of Technology,
(Commentator: Klara Nahrstedt)
2. Being Moved by Motion: How Social Science Inspires Multimedia
Analysis in the Wild
Hayley Hung, TU Delft
(Commentator: Lynn Wilcox)
3. Tag Embeddings for Multimedia Retrieval and Description
Xirong Li, Renmin University of China
(Commentator: Mohan Kankanhalli)
4. Purpose and Repurpose: Lessons from the Concert Stage
Cynthia Liem, TU Delft
(Commentator: Gerald Friedland)
5. Towards "Wow!" Multimedia Quality of Experience: if you can measure
it, you can achieve it
Judith Redi, TU Delft and CWI
(Commentator: Carsten Griwodz)
6. About Multimedia Presentation Generation and Multimedia Metadata:
 From Synthesis to Analysis, and Back?
Ansgar Scherp, ZBW -- Leibniz-Information Centre for Economics and Kiel
(Commentator: Arnold Smeulders)