Introducing ScientifiCareers

December 2010

Introducing ScientifiCareers


By Marco Bertini

ScientifiCareers ( is a project dedicated to job opportunities for young researchers in the field of Multimedia.

The platform aims to promote the connection between the world of research and the industry, and to stimulate the exchange of expertise between different research teams.

The project was born from the intentions of prof. Alberto Del Bimbo (Univ. of Firenze, Italy) and Shih-Fu Chang (Columbia Univ., USA), co-chairs of ACM Multimedia 2010, the worldwide premier multimedia conference and a key event to display scientific achievements and innovative industrial products.

ScientifiCareers is a free platform where professionals, industries and academic institutions can post their job requests in order to get in contact with young and talented researchers all over the world.

In addition all the people who are interested in jobs in the field of Multimedia can search the job board and apply to the most interesting opportunities.

ScientifiCareers staff is composed of: Marco Bertini, Gianpaolo D'Amico and Andrea Ferracani from MICC, Media Intergration and Communication Centerof the University of Firenze, Italy (

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