December 2010

Dear Member of the SIGMM Community,

Welcome to the last SIGMM Records of 2010!

When you look for the Records on the web pages of SIGMM, located conveniently at http://sigmm.org/records, you will notice that accessing the Records these days brings you to the server that formerly hosted sigmm.org at UT Dallas. The web team is working with the other volunteers who contributed to the old pages in migrating to the new server, which means adapting to a new layout and a completely different CMS. Please don't be annoyed if you find broken links pointing to sigmm.org/path/to/page, please help us to find and fix those problems instead. You can probably still find the content at sigmm.utdallas.edu/path/to/page.

With this issue, we are glad that we can announce the start of a regular column for the Records: The SIGMM Education Column. Sprung out of the work for the Education Portal, Wei Tsang Ooi is going to present selected contributions to the Education Portal in this and future issues of the Records. Don't forget that your multimedia course could also be featured in this column (and be immortalized in the digital library) if you contribute to the Education Portal.

You are reminded of the SIGMM History Archives and can read an introduction to ScientifiCareers, a project dedicated to job opportunities for young researchers in the field of multimedia.

This issue presents to you a full six PhD thesis summaries. You should take the time to take of look at those summaries and decide whether you want to read the complete thesis. If you don't find a URL or an ISBN number for the thesis, you can always contact the authors directly.

We have not received a tentative call for proposals for the ACM SIGMM Best PhD Thesis Award, but it will be awarded at ACM Multimedia 2011 in Arizona, and we know from our readers' submissions to the Records that several excellent theses were completed in 2010. To learn more about the submission procedure, we ask you to pay close attention to news on the SIGMM webpage: sigmm.org.

Of course, we provide you also with direct access to the latest papers in TOMCCAP and MMSJ and the IJAMC special issue of NetGames 2009. We conclude the Records for this year with a job announcement and a link to a large, freely available trace.

We wish you good reading with this latest issue of the SIGMM Records, and hope that you have a Happy and Successful New Year 2011!


The Editors
Jun Wang
Stephan Kopf
Yi Cui
Regu Radhakrishnan
Viktor Wendel
Lei Zhang
Wei Tsang Ooi
Carsten Griwodz

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