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September 2010

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ACM Multimedia Information Retrieval 2010

Conference Chairs: James Z. Wang, Nozha Boujemaa, Nuria Oliver Ramirez, Apostol Natsev

Event location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Event date: March 29-31, 2010

URL: http://riemann.ist.psu.edu/mir2010/

Sponsored by ACM SIG Multimedia

Reported by James Z. Wang and Nozha Boujemaa

Photographs courtesy of Ritendra Datta, Local Arrangement Chair

The 2010 ACM SIG Multimedia International Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval (MIR) was held at the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in late March. The search for digital information is one of the major challenges of our time. Digital libraries, biomedical sciences, the Internet and social networking sites, streaming video, multimedia databases, cultural heritage collections and peer-to-peer networks have created a worldwide need for new paradigms and techniques on how to browse, search and summarize multimedia collections and more generally how to afford efficient multimedia content consumption. The main aim of this conference was to present innovative solutions to tackle this global challenge.

After a rigorous peer-review process, the MIR Program Committee selected 14 contributions to include in the program as regular papers and an additional 11 as poster papers. There were also oral and poster special sessions on emerging frontier theories and applications. Their session proposals were peer-reviewed. The session organizers selected the papers. The themes of these sessions were (1) medical retrieval, (2) statistical modeling and learning, (3) multi-modal music retrieval, (4) body sensor networks, (5) networked communities, and (6) evaluation for visual concept detection. A demo session showcased some of the latest technologies and prototype systems.

The conference featured outstanding keynote and invited speakers. They were B.S. Manjunath, Professor of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Alberto Del Bimbo, Professor of the University of Florence, and Gregory Grefenstette, Chief Science Officer of Exalead. Additionally, an Industrial Leadership Invited Speaker Session featured a few of the latest R&D efforts in the industry. Speakers of the session were (1) Behzad Shahraray, Executive Director, Video and Multimedia Technologies Research, AT&T Labs, (2) Dhiraj Joshi, Research Scientist, Intelligent Systems Group, Eastman Kodak Research Labs, (3) Alwar Narayanan, Director of Research and Emerging Technologies, NAVTEQ Corporation, and (4) Apostol (Paul) Natsev, Research Staff Member and Manager, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.

The panel this year, moderated by Alan Hanjalic, concentrated on the influence of Internet hypes on research in our field. The panelists included Nuria Oliver Ramirez, Apostol Natsev, Alberto Del Bimbo, and Michael Lew.

Starting in 2011, the Multimedia Information Retrieval (MIR) and the Image and Video Retrieval (CIVR) conference series will merge to create the ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) series. The ICMR conference series will continue to illuminate the state of the art in our field by bringing together active researchers and practitioners. We hope that researchers will contribute by sharing their finest research findings at ICMR. The forthcoming ICMR will be located in Trento, Italy, in April 2011.


Academic keynote address

Industrial leadership invited speakers session

Invited talks

Oral session 1: multimedia analysis

Oral session 2: multimedia retrieval

Oral session 3: multimedia copy detection

Special oral session 1: medical multimedia retrieval

Special oral session 2: statistical modeling and learning for multimedia

Special oral session 3: multi-modal music information retrieval

Poster session: Multimedia information retrieval

Demo session 1: demos on video retrieval and 3D

Demo session 2: demos on multimedia information retrieval

Special poster session 1: processing data streams from body sensor networks

Special poster session 2: multimedia retrieval in networked communities

Special poster session 3: MIRFLICKR evaluation: the challenge of visual concept detection

Panel Session: The influence of internet hypes on multimedia information retrieval research


TOMCCAP, Volume 6, Issue 3, August 2010

Editor-in-Chief: Ralf Steinmetz

URL: http://tomccap.acm.org/

Sponsored by ACM SIG Multimedia

Published: August 2010


Reports from other ACM Events

MMSJ, Volume 16, Issue 4-5, August 2010

Special issue on "Multimedia Intelligent Services and Technologies"

Guest editors: Zhiwen Yu, Artur Lugmayr, Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, Tao Mei

Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Plagemann

URL: http://www.springer.de/

Published: August 2010



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