SIGMM Educational Portal

June 2010


By Wei Tsang Ooi


The SIGMM Educational Committee was setup in June 2009 to collect and organize SIGMM-related educational resources on the Web and share them with the community at the SIGMM Education Portal (

The educational portal has grown steadily to become a directory of more than 40 science and engineering courses offered around the world on various topics in multimedia, 13 textbooks in used in teaching those courses, about 20 bachelor's and master's program with specialization in multimedia, and a number of links to educational podcasts and videos on iTunes U and YouTube.

We hope that the collected resources serve as useful references to the community -- especially to educators designing new multimedia courses or degree programs, and to students wishing to learn about basic and advanced topics in multimedia.

We would like to solicit feedback from you, the SIGMM community, on how the portal can be made more useful and how it can better support your teaching and learning. If you have something to say to us, please email us at

Call for Contributions

We continue to look for SIGMM-related educational resources on the Web to be included into the portal. If you are teaching or taking a multimedia-related course not already listed, we would like to know about it and list it under our directory. If your university is offering a multimedia-related degree program (undergraduate or graduate), we would like to hear about it too. Finally, if you are writing, or have written, a textbook and would like it to be listed, let us know too. We can be reached at

For those of you who have concerns about public sharing of your educational materials, we would like to note that the educational portal currently maintains links to the original course homepage only. Thus, the course instructor has full control over what materials are shared.

We, however, would like to encourage sharing of education materials (slides, homework, demos) with the community as a collective effort to improve multimedia education. We can arrange for your materials to be accessible to SIGMM members only. If you have concerns about sharing of materials with other SIGMM members, please do drop us a note at -- we would love to hear about your concerns.

We look forward to hearing from you.

SIGMM Educational Committee:

Ahsan Arefin (UIUC)
Ming Li (California State University at Fresno)
Wei Tsang Ooi (National University of Singapore)
Gaurav Pradhan (Arizona State University)

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