ACM TOMCCAP is looking for a new Editor-in-Chief

September 2009



The ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications is the flagship publication of ACM's Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM). It focuses on multimedia computing (innovative I/O devices, storage systems, streaming media middleware, media coding, etc.), multimedia communication (real-time protocols, end-to-end streaming media, multicast protocols, etc.), and multimedia applications (distributed collaboration, video conferencing, 3D virtual environments, social multimedia, etc.). TOMCCAP is a peer-reviewed, archival journal, available in both print and digital form. The Journal is published quarterly, with roughly eight 20-page articles in each issue. In its debut ranking in ISI's Journal Citation Report published in June 2009, TOMCCAP has scored an impact factor of 2.465, making it the highest ranked "multimedia" journal.

We are looking for a new Editor-in-Chief whose term will begin in January 2010. He/she will be appointed for three years, with the possibility of one three-year renewal. We are looking for a well-established person with a good record for his/her research achievements in multimedia and for his/her services to the community. The ACM evaluation criteria for the EiC can be found at

Please submit your application by
November 2, 2009
to the chair of the search committee, Wolfgang Effelsberg,

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