Award Opportunities

September 2009

SIGMM Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis in Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications

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This award will be presented every year to a researcher whose PhD thesis has made outstanding contributions and has the potential of very high impact in multimedia computing, communication and applications.

The selection committee will focus on innovativeness of ideas and potential impact of the work. The award includes a $500 honorarium, an award certificate of recognition, and an invitation for the recipient to receive the award at a current year's SIGMM-sponsored conference, the ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM Multimedia). A public citation for the award will be placed on the SIGMM website, in the SIGMM Records e-newletter as well as in the ACM e-newsletter.

The award will be presented at the ACM Multimedia Conference. The award winner will travel to ACM Multimedia at SIGMM's expense.

Nomination Applications

Deadline for nominations will be January 3, and the final decision will be made by July 30. The award will be presented in fall (October/November). Candidates are eligable for nomination if they submitted their PhD theses to their Academic Institutions between January and December of the previous year. Candidates must be nominated by a member of ACM SIGMM, and no self-nomination is allowed. The candidates themselves do not need to hold a particular membership.

Nominations for the award must include:

  1. A statement summarizing the candidate's PhD thesis contributions and potential impact, and justification of the nomination (two pages maximum);
  2. PhD thesis;
  3. Curriculum Vitae of the nominee;
  4. Three endorsement letters supporting the nomination including the significant PhD thesis contributions of the candidate. Each endorsement should be no longer than 500 words with clear specification of nominee PhD thesis contributions and potential impact on the multimedia field;
  5. A concise statement (one sentence) of the PhD thesis contribution for which the award is being given. This statement will appear on the award certificate and on the website.

The SIGMM will announce later this year how to submit nominations. This will be announced on the SIG's website,, via SIGMM's mailing lists, and also in the next edition of this newsletter.

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