Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment for Members and Event Attendees

Message from Vicki Hanson, ACM President:
             Dear SIG  Leaders,
             ACM has developed a Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment
             that applies to all ACM-related activities, including any
             conferences, symposiums, meetings or other events sponsored by a
             SIG.  It also applies to communications sent through official
             communication channels for any such activity or event, including
             social media.  You should review the full policy in advance of
             your event; it is available at
             As a chair of an ACM- or SIG-sponsored event, complaints about
             discrimination and discriminatory harassment may be made to you
             by any ACM member or event attendee.  As detailed in the policy,
             you must promptly direct any such complaint to ACM’s President,
             CEO or COO.  Keep in mind that you cannot promise complete
             confidentiality to any complaining individual, but you may state
             that ACM will strive to keep the identity of those making
             reports as confidential as possible.  In addition, if a
             complainant feels that their safety is at risk, they should take
             appropriate steps themselves to ensure their own safety.  ACM
             will follow up on all reports promptly and will investigate
             complaints as needed to confirm facts or resolve disputed
             facts.  The Policy also bars retaliation against individuals who
             make a complaint; you are expected to help ensure that no such
             retaliation occurs and that any retaliation or complaints of
             retaliation are similarly reported to the President, CEO or COO.
             If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the
             Director of SIG Services atcappo@acm.org <mailto:cappo@acm.org>.
             Vicki Hanson
             ACM President