Thematic Workshops '17- Proceedings of the on Thematic Workshops of ACM Multimedia 2017

SESSION: Session 1

  • Wanmin Wu
  • Jianchao Yang

An Evaluation of Large-scale Methods for Image Instance and Class Discovery

  • Matthijs Douze
  • Hervé Jégou
  • Jeff Johnson

Towards a Tangible Storytelling Kit for Exploring Emotions with Children

  • Torben Wallbaum
  • Swamy Ananthanarayan
  • Shadan Sadeghian Borojeni
  • Wilko Heuten
  • Susanne Boll

Intelligent Portrait Composition Assistance: Integrating Deep-learned Models and Photography Idea Retrieval

  • Farshid Farhat
  • Mohammad Mahdi Kamani
  • Sahil Mishra
  • James Z. Wang

Beyond Saliency: Assessing Visual Balance with High-level Cues

  • Baris Kandemir
  • Zihan Zhou
  • Jia Li
  • James Z. Wang

Multispectral Object Detection for Autonomous Vehicles

  • Karasawa Takumi
  • Kohei Watanabe
  • Qishen Ha
  • Antonio Tejero-De-Pablos
  • Yoshitaka Ushiku
  • Tatsuya Harada

Aggregated Deep Feature from Activation Clusters for Particular Object Retrieval

  • Zhenfang Chen
  • Zhanghui Kuang
  • Kwan-Yee K. Wong
  • Wei Zhang

Local Deep Descriptors in Bag-of-Words for Image Retrieval

  • Jiewei Cao
  • Zi Huang
  • Heng Tao Shen

Beyond Sum and Weighted Aggregation: An Efficient Mixed Aggregation Method with Multiple Weights for Image Search

  • Shanmin Pang
  • Wei Zhang
  • Li Zhu
  • Jihua Zhu
  • Jianru Xue

Detecting Culture-specific Tags for News Videos through Multimodal Embedding

  • Chun-Yu Tsai
  • John R. Kender

Hybrid Indexes for Spatial-Visual Search

  • Abdullah Alfarrarjeh
  • Cyrus Shahabi
  • Seon Ho Kim

Unsupervised Triplet Hashing for Fast Image Retrieval

  • Shanshan Huang
  • Yichao Xiong
  • Ya Zhang
  • Jia Wang

Relational Variational Autoencoder for Link Prediction with Multimedia Data

  • Xiaopeng Li
  • James She

First Mile in Crowdsourced Live Streaming: A Content Harvest Network Approach

  • Haitian Pang
  • Zhi Wang
  • Chen Yan
  • Qinghua Ding
  • Lifeng Sun

Efficient Communications in Training Large Scale Neural Networks

  • Yiyang Zhao
  • Linnan Wang
  • Wei Wu
  • George Bosilca
  • Richard Vuduc
  • Jinmian Ye
  • Wenqi Tang
  • Zenglin Xu

Augmenting Cognitive Processes and Behavior of Intelligent Virtual Agents by Modeling Synthetic Perception

  • Sven Seele
  • Tobias Haubrich
  • Jonas Schild
  • Rainer Herpers
  • Marcin Grzegorzek

Mobile Multispectral Video Streaming

  • Linsen Chen
  • Cc Dong
  • Du Chen
  • Han Li
  • Yuanyuan Zhao
  • Xun Cao
  • Zhan Ma

Impact of Three-Dimensional Video Scalability on Multi-View Activity Recognition using Deep Learning

  • Jun-Ho Choi
  • Manri Choi
  • Min-Su Choi
  • Jong-Seok Lee

CloudHide: Towards Latency Hiding Techniques for Thin-client Cloud Gaming

  • Bhojan Anand
  • Pan Wenren

Mobile Instant Video Sharing: Does More Information Help?

  • Jan Willem Kleinrouweler
  • Fabijan Bajo
  • Britta Meixner
  • Sergio Cabrero
  • Pablo Cesar

QoE-fair Adaptive Streaming of Free-viewpoint Videos over LTE Networks

  • Ahmed Hamza
  • Hamed Ahmadi
  • Saleh Almowuena
  • Mohamed Hefeeda

Adaptive Multicast Streaming of Virtual Reality Content to Mobile Users

  • Hamed Ahmadi
  • Omar Eltobgy
  • Mohamed Hefeeda

Self-Gated Recurrent Neural Networks for Human Activity Recognition on Wearable Devices

  • Toan H. Vu
  • An Dang
  • Le Dung
  • Jia-Ching Wang

SeeNav: Seamless and Energy-Efficient Indoor Navigation using Augmented Reality

  • Marius Noreikis
  • Yu Xiao
  • Antti Ylä-Jääski

CloudAR: A Cloud-based Framework for Mobile Augmented Reality

  • Wenxiao Zhang
  • Sikun Lin
  • Farshid Hassani Bijarbooneh
  • Hao Fei Cheng
  • Pan Hui

A Stereoscopic Vision System with Delay Compensation for 360° Remote Reality

  • Tamay Aykut
  • Stefan Lochbrunner
  • Mojtaba Karimi
  • Burak Cizmeci
  • Eckehard Steinbach

Recognizing the Presence of Hidden Visual Markers in Digital Images

  • Liming Xu
  • Andrew P. French
  • Dave Towey
  • Steve Benford

Generating Virtual Avatars with Personalized Walking Gaits using Commodity Hardware

  • Sahil Narang
  • Andrew Best
  • Ari Shapiro
  • Dinesh Manocha

Towards the Security of Motion Detection-based Video Surveillance on IoT Devices

  • Xianglong Feng
  • Mengmei Ye
  • Viswanathan Swaminathan
  • Sheng Wei

Multimodal Context-Aware Recommender for Post Popularity Prediction in Social Media

  • Masoud Mazloom
  • Bouke Hendriks
  • Marcel Worring

Multimodal Classification of Violent Online Political Extremism Content with Graph Convolutional Networks

  • Stevan Rudinac
  • Iva Gornishka
  • Marcel Worring

Compressed-domain Video Synopsis via 3D Graph Cut and Blank Frame Deletion

  • Wenjuan Liao
  • Zhigang Tu
  • Shizheng Wang
  • Yongzhou Li
  • Rui Zhong
  • Hui Zhong

A Collaborative Representation Approach to Detecting Error-Related Potentials in SSVEP-BCIs

  • Fotis P. Kalaganis
  • Elisavet Chatzilari
  • Spiros Nikolopoulos
  • Nikos A. Laskaris
  • Yiannis Kompatsiaris

SESSION: Session 2

  • Qi Tian
  • Roger Zimmermann

Learning Deep Contextual Attention Network for Narrative Photo Stream Captioning

  • Hanqi Wang
  • Siliang Tang
  • Yin Zhang
  • Tao Mei
  • Yueting Zhuang
  • Fei Wu

Robust and Real-Time Visual Tracking with Triplet Convolutional Neural Network

  • Jung Uk Kim
  • Hak Gu Kim
  • Yong Man Ro

Spatiotemporal Multi-Task Network for Human Activity Understanding

  • Yao Liu
  • Jianqiang Huang
  • Chang Zhou
  • Deng Cai
  • Xian-Sheng Hua

Real-Time Image-based Smoke Detection in Endoscopic Videos

  • Andreas Leibetseder
  • Manfred Jürgen Primus
  • Stefan Petscharnig
  • Klaus Schoeffmann

Watch What You Just Said: Image Captioning with Text-Conditional Attention

  • Luowei Zhou
  • Chenliang Xu
  • Parker Koch
  • Jason J. Corso

Sensing Urban with Wi-Fi and Satellite: Functional Region Discovery across Cities

  • Chen Yan
  • Peng Wang
  • Lifeng Sun

Reconstructable and Interpretable Representations for Time Series with Time-Skip Sparse Dictionary Learning

  • Genta Yoshimura
  • Atsunori Kanemura
  • Hideki Asoh

Towards Improving Canonical Correlation Analysis for Cross-modal Retrieval

  • Jie Shao
  • Zhicheng Zhao
  • Fei Su
  • Ting Yue

Variation Robust Cross-Modal Metric Learning for Caricature Recognition

  • Jing Huo
  • Yang Gao
  • Yinghuan Shi
  • Hujun Yin

Deep Cross-Modal Audio-Visual Generation

  • Lele Chen
  • Sudhanshu Srivastava
  • Zhiyao Duan
  • Chenliang Xu

Video Imagination from a Single Image with Transformation Generation

  • Baoyang Chen
  • Wenmin Wang
  • Jinzhuo Wang

Image-Based Food Calorie Estimation Using Knowledge on Food Categories, Ingredients and Cooking Directions

  • Takumi Ege
  • Keiji Yanai

Tag Prediction at Flickr: A View from the Darkroom

  • Kofi Boakye
  • Sachin Farfade
  • Hamid Izadinia
  • Yannis Kalantidis
  • Pierre Garrigues

Cross-View Gait Identification with Embedded Learning

  • Suibing Tong
  • Hefei Ling
  • Yuzhuo Fu
  • Dan Wang

CTC Network with Statistical Language Modeling for Action Sequence Recognition in Videos

  • Mengxi Lin
  • Nakamasa Inoue
  • Koichi Shinoda

Evolution of Trajectories: A Novel Representation for Deep Action Recognition

  • Neelay Pandit
  • Sherine Abdelhak

Deep Face Recognition with Center Invariant Loss

  • Yue Wu
  • Hongfu Liu
  • Jun Li
  • Yun Fu

Generative Attention Model with Adversarial Self-learning for Visual Question Answering

  • Ilija Ilievski
  • Jiashi Feng

Learning Feature Embedding with Strong Neural Activations for Fine-Grained Retrieval

  • Chen Shen
  • Chang Zhou
  • Zhongming Jin
  • Wenqing Chu
  • Rongxin Jiang
  • Yaowu Chen
  • Xian-Sheng Hua

Image Caption with Synchronous Cross-Attention

  • Yue Wang
  • Jinlai Liu
  • Xiaojie Wang

Efficient Depth-aware Image Deformation Adaptation for Curved Screen Displays

  • Shao-Ping Lu
  • Ruxandra-Marina Florea
  • Pablo Cesar
  • Peter Schelkens
  • Adrian Munteanu

Layout Style Modeling for Automating Banner Design

  • Yunke Zhang
  • Kangkang Hu
  • Peiran Ren
  • Changyuan Yang
  • Weiwei Xu
  • Xian-Sheng Hua

Learning Social Image Embedding with Deep Multimodal Attention Networks

  • Feiran Huang
  • Xiaoming Zhang
  • Zhoujun Li
  • Tao Mei
  • Yueying He
  • Zhonghua Zhao

Liquid Jets as Logic-Computing Fluid-User-Interfaces

  • Audrey Ziwei Hu
  • Ryan Janzen
  • Max Hao Lu
  • Steve Mann

Rich State Transitions in a Media Choreography Framework Using an Idealized Model of Cloud Dynamics

  • Brandon Mechtley
  • Julian Stein
  • Christopher Roberts
  • Sha Xin Wei

Comparing User QoE via Physiological and Interaction Measurements of Immersive AR and VR Speech and Language Therapy Applications

  • Conor Keighrey
  • Ronan Flynn
  • Siobhan Murray
  • Sean Brennan
  • Niall Murray

Measuring and Improving the Viewing Experience of First-person Videos

  • Biao Ma
  • Amy R. Reibman

An Experimental Study of Markerless Image Registration Methods on Varying Quality of Images for Augmented Reality Applications

  • Neetika Gupta
  • Mukesh Kumar Rohil

Comparison of Subjective Quality Evaluation for HEVC Encoded Omnidirectional Videos at Different Bit-rates for UHD and FHD Resolution

  • Ashutosh Singla
  • Stephan Fremerey
  • Werner Robitza
  • Pierre Lebreton
  • Alexander Raake

Surveillance Video Quality Assessment Based on Face Recognition

  • Wen Heng
  • Tingting Jiang

Learning Transferable Features for Speech Emotion Recognition

  • Alison Marczewski
  • Adriano Veloso
  • Nivio Ziviani

Hierarchical Representation Based on Bayesian Nonparametric Tree-Structured Mixture Model for Playing Technique Classification

  • Sih-Huei Chen
  • Shao-Hui Wu
  • Yuan-Shan Lee
  • Rocky Lo
  • Jia-Ching Wang

A Smart Mirror for Music Conducting Exercises

  • Andrea Salgian
  • David Vickerman
  • David Vassallo