SAWACMMM '17- Proceedings of the ACM Multimedia 2017 Workshop on South African Academic Participation

SESSION: Session 1: Machine Learning and Applications (a)

  • Riaan Wolhuter

An Empirical Study of Gaussian Belief Propagation and Application in the Detection of F-formations

  • Francois Kamper

A 'Socially Aware' CSMA/CA MAC Protocol

  • William Pretorius
  • Johan Du Preez
  • Riaan Wolhuter

An Overview of Automatic Behaviour Classification for Animal-Borne Sensor Applications in South Africa

  • Solomon le Roux
  • Riaan Wolhuter
  • Thomas Niesler

SESSION: Session 1: Machine Learning and Applications (b)

  • Johan Adam Du Preez

Leveraging Gaussian Process Approximations for Rapid Image Overlay Production

  • Michael Burke

An Innovative Saliency Detection Framework with an Example of Image Montage

  • Chunbiao Zhu
  • Ge Li
  • Nannan Li
  • Xiaoqiang Guo
  • Wenmin Wang
  • Ronggang Wang

Graph Coloring: Comparing Cluster Graphs to Factor Graphs

  • Simon Streicher
  • Johan du Preez