NOSSDAV'17- Proceedings of the 27th Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video

A Comparative Case Study of HTTP Adaptive Streaming Algorithms in Mobile Networks

  • Theodoros Karagkioules
  • Cyril Concolato
  • Dimitrios Tsilimantos
  • Stefan Valentin

Performance considerations of HTML5-based dynamic packaging for media streaming

  • Daniel Silhavy
  • Stefan Pham
  • Stefan Arbanowski

Not so QUIC: A Performance Study of DASH over QUIC

  • Divyashri Bhat
  • Amr Rizk
  • Michael Zink

Candid with YouTube: Adaptive Streaming Behavior and Implications on Data Consumption

  • Abhijit Mondal
  • Satadal Sengupta
  • Bachu Rikith Reddy
  • M. J.V. Koundinya
  • Chander Govindarajan
  • Pradipta De
  • Niloy Ganguly
  • Sandip Chakraborty

Seeker: Topic-Aware Viewing Pattern Prediction in Crowdsourced Interactive Live Streaming

  • Cong Zhang
  • Jiangchuan Liu
  • Ming Ma
  • Lifeng Sun
  • Bo Li

Unveiling Latent Behaviors of Video Viewers with Cross-Platform Information

  • Xuhong Gu
  • Yipeng Zhou
  • Di Wu
  • Terence H. Chan
  • Min Chen

Context-aware Video Recommendation by Mining Users' View Preferences Based on Access Points

  • Jiaming Zhang
  • Yipeng Zhou
  • Di Wu
  • Chunfeng Yang

Characterizing User Behaviors in Mobile Personal Livecast

  • Ming Ma
  • Lei Zhang
  • Jiangchuan Liu
  • Zhi Wang
  • Weihua Li
  • Guangling Hou
  • Lifeng Sun

Analysis of User Behavior in a Large-Scale VoD System

  • Lei Huang
  • Bowen Ding
  • Yuedong Xu
  • Yipeng Zhou

Power Evaluation of 360 VR Video Streaming on Head Mounted Display Devices

  • Nan Jiang
  • Viswanathan Swaminathan
  • Sheng Wei

Spatio-Temporal Activity based Tiling for Panorama Streaming

  • Y. Sanchez
  • R. Skupin
  • C. Hellge
  • T. Schierl

Fixation Prediction for 360° Video Streaming in Head-Mounted Virtual Reality

  • Ching-Ling Fan
  • Jean Lee
  • Wen-Chih Lo
  • Chun-Ying Huang
  • Kuan-Ta Chen
  • Cheng-Hsin Hsu

Improving Video Quality in Crowded Networks Using a DANE

  • Jan Willem Kleinrouweler
  • Britta Meixner
  • Pablo Cesar

Delivery of Live Watermarked Video in CDN: Fast and Scalable Algorithms

  • Kun He
  • Patrick Maillé
  • Gwendal Simon

A System Model For Frameless Asynchronous High Dynamic Range Sensors

  • Aaron Smith
  • Montek Singh
  • Ketan Mayer-Patel