MultiEdTech '17- Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Workshop on Multimedia-based Educational and Knowledge Technologies for Personalized and Social Online Training

SESSION: Keynote Address

  • Vasileios Mezaris

Sensing Engagement: Helping Performers to Evaluate their Impact

  • Pablo Cesar

SESSION: Oral Session

  • Vasileios Mezaris

Train in Virtual Court: Basketball Tactic Training via Virtual Reality

  • Wan-Lun Tsai
  • Ming-Fen Chung
  • Tse-Yu Pan
  • Min-Chun Hu

Surgical Action Retrieval for Assisting Video Review of Laparoscopic Skills

  • Sabrina Kletz
  • Klaus Schoeffmann
  • Bernd Münzer
  • Manfred J. Primus
  • Heinrich Husslein

Automatic MOOC Video Classification using Transcript Features and Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Houssem Chatbri
  • Kevin McGuinness
  • Suzanne Little
  • Jiang Zhou
  • Keisuke Kameyama
  • Paul Kwan
  • Noel E. O'Connor

Chat2Doc: From Chats to How-to Instructions, FAQ, and Reports

  • Britta Meixner
  • Matthew Lee
  • Scott Carter