MMSys '16- Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Multimedia Systems

SESSION: Full papers

SQUAD: a spectrum-based quality adaptation for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP

  • Cong Wang
  • Amr Rizk
  • Michael Zink

ABMA+: lightweight and efficient algorithm for HTTP adaptive streaming

  • A. Beben
  • P. Wiśniewski
  • J. Mongay Batalla
  • P. Krawiec

Design and experimental evaluation of network-assisted strategies for HTTP adaptive streaming

  • G. Cofano
  • L. De Cicco
  • T. Zinner
  • A. Nguyen-Ngoc
  • P. Tran-Gia
  • S. Mascolo

Delivering stable high-quality video: an SDN architecture with DASH assisting network elements

  • Jan Willem Kleinrouweler
  • Sergio Cabrero
  • Pablo Cesar

MPEG DASH SRD: spatial relationship description

  • Omar A. Niamut
  • Emmanuel Thomas
  • Lucia D'Acunto
  • Cyril Concolato
  • Franck Denoual
  • Seong Yong Lim

Design and evaluation of a foveated video streaming service for commodity client devices

  • Jihoon Ryoo
  • Kiwon Yun
  • Dimitris Samaras
  • Samir R. Das
  • Gregory Zelinsky

Cross-layer scheduler for video streaming over MPTCP

  • Xavier Corbillon
  • Ramon Aparicio-Pardo
  • Nicolas Kuhn
  • Géraldine Texier
  • Gwendal Simon

Online learning adaptation strategy for DASH clients

  • Federico Chiariotti
  • Stefano D'Aronco
  • Laura Toni
  • Pascal Frossard

Impact of 3D bookmarks on navigation and streaming in a networked virtual environment

  • Thomas Forgione
  • Axel Carlier
  • Géraldine Morin
  • Wei Tsang Ooi
  • Vincent Charvillat

Adaptive streaming of interactive free viewpoint videos to heterogeneous clients

  • Ahmed Hamza
  • Mohamed Hefeeda

Distributed rate allocation in switch-based multiparty videoconference

  • Stefano D'Aronco
  • Sergio Mena
  • Pascal Frossard

Real-time bandwidth prediction and rate adaptation for video calls over cellular networks

  • Eymen Kurdoglu
  • Yong Liu
  • Yao Wang
  • Yongfang Shi
  • ChenChen Gu
  • Jing Lyu

Analysis and design of the google congestion control for web real-time communication (WebRTC)

  • Gaetano Carlucci
  • Luca De Cicco
  • Stefan Holmer
  • Saverio Mascolo

A high-precision, hybrid GPU, CPU and RAM power model for generic multimedia workloads

  • Kristoffer Robin Stokke
  • Håkon Kvale Stensland
  • Carsten Griwodz
  • Pål Halvorsen

A personality-based adaptive system for visualizing classical music performances

  • Markus Schedl
  • Mark Melenhorst
  • Cynthia C. S. Liem
  • Agustín Martorell
  • Óscar Mayor
  • Marko Tkalčič

SERF: optimization of socially sourced images using psychovisual enhancements

  • Aaron Koehl
  • Haining Wang

Load dynamics of a multiplayer online battle arena and simulative assessment of edge server placements

  • Valentin Burger
  • Jane Frances Pajo
  • Odnan Ref Sanchez
  • Michael Seufert
  • Christian Schwartz
  • Florian Wamser
  • Franco Davoli
  • Phuoc Tran-Gia

Cloud gaming QoE models for deriving video encoding adaptation strategies

  • Ivan Slivar
  • Lea Skorin-Kapov
  • Mirko Suznjevic

Are incentive schemes needed for WebRTC based distributed streaming?: a crowdsourced study on the relation of user motivation and quality of experience

  • Matthias Wichtlhuber
  • Nikola Aleksandrov
  • Markus Franz
  • Oliver Hinz
  • David Hausheer

RT-VQM: real-time video quality assessment for adaptive video streaming using GPUs

  • Matthias Wichtlhuber
  • Gregor Wicklein
  • Stefan Wilk
  • Wolfgang Effelsberg
  • David Hausheer

SESSION: Augmented reality

Robustness of 3D point positions to camera baselines in markerless AR systems

  • Deepak Dwarakanath
  • Carsten Griwodz
  • Pål Halvorsen

Augmented reality-based exergames for rehabilitation

  • Kevin Desai
  • Kanchan Bahirat
  • Sudhir Ramalingam
  • Balakrishnan Prabhakaran
  • Thiru Annaswamy
  • Una E. Makris

Lighting estimation from a single image containing multiple planes

  • Pin-Cheng Kuo
  • Hsin-Yuan Huang
  • Shang-Hong Lai

SESSION: Media synchronization

Data-independent sequencing with the timing object: a JavaScript sequencer for single-device and multi-device web media

  • Ingar M. Arntzen
  • Njål T. Borch

Enhancing multimedia QoE via more effective time synchronisation over 802.11 networks

  • Jonathan Shannon
  • Padraig O'Flaithearta
  • Yusuf Cinar
  • Hugh Melvin


Emulating NDN-based multimedia delivery

  • Daniel Posch
  • Benjamin Rainer
  • Sebastian Theuermann
  • Andreas Leibetseder
  • Hermann Hellwagner

Live streaming of 4K ultra-high definition video over the internet

  • Stefano Petrangeli
  • Jeroen van der Hooft
  • Tim Wauters
  • Rafael Huysegems
  • Patrice Rondao Alface
  • Tom Bostoen
  • Filip De Turck

How to demonstrate delay?: let's play!

  • Ragnhild Eg
  • Kjetil Raaen

Computer aided disease detection system for gastrointestinal examinations

  • Michael Riegler
  • Konstantin Pogorelov
  • Jonas Markussen
  • Mathias Lux
  • Håkon Kvale Stensland
  • Thomas de Lange
  • Carsten Griwodz
  • Pål Halvorsen
  • Dag Johansen
  • Peter T. Schmidt
  • Sigrun L. Eskeland

LIRE: open source visual information retrieval

  • Mathias Lux
  • Michael Riegler
  • Pål Halvorsen
  • Konstantin Pogorelov
  • Nektarios Anagnostopoulos

Finding the chameleon in your video collection

  • Marco A. Hudelist
  • Christian Beecks
  • Klaus Schoeffmann

Immersed gaming in Minecraft

  • Milan Loviska
  • Otto Krause
  • Herman A. Engelbrecht
  • Jason B. Nel
  • Gregor Schiele
  • Alwyn Burger
  • Stephan Schmeißer
  • Christopher Cichiwskyj
  • Lilian Calvet
  • Carsten Griwodz
  • Pål Halvorsen

Ultra-low delay for all: live experience, live analysis

  • Olga Bondarenko
  • Koen De Schepper
  • Ing-Jyh Tsang
  • Bob Briscoe
  • Andreas Petlund
  • Carsten Griwodz

Using MPEG DASH SRD for zoomable and navigable video

  • Lucia D'Acunto
  • Jorrit van den Berg
  • Emmanuel Thomas
  • Omar Niamut

Dynamic and intelligent SAND-enabled CDN management

  • Antti Heikkinen
  • Janne Vehkaperä
  • Toni Mäki
  • Mikko Myllyniemi

Efficient processing of videos in a multi-auditory environment using device lending of GPUs

  • Konstantin Pogorelov
  • Michael Riegler
  • Jonas Markussen
  • Håkon Kvale Stensland
  • Pål Halvorsen
  • Carsten Griwodz
  • Sigrun Losada Eskeland
  • Thomas de Lange

Transcoding and streaming-as-a-service for improved video quality on the web

  • Christian Timmerer
  • Daniel Weinberger
  • Martin Smole
  • Reinhard Grandl
  • Christopher Müller
  • Stefan Lederer

End-to-end DASH platform including a network-based and client-based adaptive quality switching module

  • David Gómez
  • Fernando Boronat
  • Mario Montagud
  • Clara Luzón

The content-aware video adaptation service for mobile devices

  • Stefan Wilk
  • Wolfgang Effelsberg

Demonstrating ATSC ROUTE-DASH delivery

  • Waqar Zia
  • Thomas Stockhammer
  • Kent Walker

Tiled-based adaptive streaming using MPEG-DASH

  • Jean Le Feuvre
  • Cyril Concolato

SESSION: Dataset papers

GSET somi: a game-specific eye tracking dataset for somi

  • Hamed Ahmadi
  • Saman Zad Tootaghaj
  • Sajad Mowlaei
  • Mahmoud Reza Hashemi
  • Shervin Shirmohammadi

GeoUGV: user-generated mobile video dataset with fine granularity spatial metadata

  • Ying Lu
  • Hien To
  • Abdullah Alfarrarjeh
  • Seon Ho Kim
  • Yifang Yin
  • Roger Zimmermann
  • Cyrus Shahabi

Comprehensive mobile bandwidth traces from vehicular networks

  • Ayub Bokani
  • Mahbub Hassan
  • Salil S. Kanhere
  • Jun Yao
  • Garson Zhong

Right inflight?: a dataset for exploring the automatic prediction of movies suitable for a watching situation

  • Michael Riegler
  • Martha Larson
  • Concetto Spampinato
  • Pål Halvorsen
  • Mathias Lux
  • Jonas Markussen
  • Konstantin Pogorelov
  • Carsten Griwodz
  • Håkon Stensland

Div150Multi: a social image retrieval result diversification dataset with multi-topic queries

  • Bogdan Ionescu
  • Alexandru Lucian Gînscă
  • Bogdan Boteanu
  • Mihai Lupu
  • Adrian Popescu
  • Henning Müller

Heimdallr: a dataset for sport analysis

  • Michael Riegler
  • Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen
  • Bård Winther
  • Carsten Griwodz
  • Konstantin Pogorelov
  • Pål Halvorsen

A new HD and UHD video eye tracking dataset

  • Toinon Vigier
  • Josselin Rousseau
  • Matthieu Perreira Da Silva
  • Patrick Le Callet

SMART: a light field image quality dataset

  • Pradip Paudyal
  • Roger Olsson
  • Mårten Sjöström
  • Federica Battisti
  • Marco Carli

USED: a large-scale social event detection dataset

  • Kashif Ahmad
  • Nicola Conci
  • Giulia Boato
  • Francesco G. B. De Natale

Datasets for AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265) evaluation of dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH)

  • Jason J. Quinlan
  • Ahmed H. Zahran
  • Cormac J. Sreenan