LTA '16- Proceedings of the first Workshop on Lifelogging Tools and Applications

SESSION: Keynote Talk 1

  • Cathal Gurrin

The Emergence of Quantified Self as a Data-driven Movement to Promote Health and Wellness

  • Maarten den Braber

SESSION: Oral Session

  • Xavier Giro-i-Nieto

Cued Retrieval of Personal Memories of Social Interactions

  • Seyed Ali Bahrainian
  • Fabio Crestani

Personal Information Manager to Capture and Re-Access What We See on Computers

  • Zaher Hinbarji
  • Moohamad Hinbarji
  • Rami Albatal
  • Cathal Gurrin

Prizm: A Wireless Access Point for Proxy-Based Web Lifelogging

  • Jimmy Lin
  • Zhucheng Tu
  • Michael Rose
  • Patrick White

NTCIR-12 Lifelog Data Analytics

  • Na Li
  • Cathal Gurrin
  • Martin Crane
  • Heather J. Ruskin

SESSION: Keynote Talk 2

  • Petia Radeva

Harnessing the quantified self movement for optimal mental health and wellbeing

  • Alishia D. Williams

POSTER SESSION: Poster Session

  • Mariella Dimiccoli

Describing Lifelogs with Convolutional Neural Networks: A Comparative Study

  • Ana Garcia del Molino
  • Qianli Xu
  • Joo-Hwee Lim

Organizing Egocentric Videos for Daily Living Monitoring

  • Alessandro Ortis
  • Giovanni Maria Farinella
  • Valeria D'Amico
  • Luca Addesso
  • Giovanni Torrisi
  • Sebastiano Battiato

Where is my Phone?: Personal Object Retrieval from Egocentric Images

  • Cristian Reyes
  • Eva Mohedano
  • Kevin McGuinness
  • Noel E. O'Connor
  • Xavier Giro-i-Nieto