AltMM '17- Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Multimedia Alternate Realities

SESSION: Keynote Address

Quantifying the Quality of Immersive Experiences

  • Balakrishnan Prabhakaran

SESSION: Quality of Immersive Experience

Quality of Alternate Reality Experience and Its QoE Influencing Factors

  • Chenyan Zhang
  • Aud Sissel Hoel
  • Andrew Perkis

Bandwidth Reduction of Omnidirectional Viewport-Dependent Video Streaming via Subjective Quality Assessment

  • Igor D.D. Curcio
  • Henri Toukomaa
  • Deepa Naik

Subjective Evaluation of an Olfaction Enhanced Immersive Virtual Reality Environment

  • Darragh Egan
  • Conor Keighrey
  • John Barrett
  • Yuansong Qiao
  • Sean Brennan
  • Christian Timmerer
  • Niall Murray

SESSION: Design and Applications of Alternate Realities

Towards Creating a Body of Evidence-based Interactive Digital Narrative Design Knowledge: Approaches and Challenges

  • Christian Roth
  • Hartmut Koenitz

Developing a Multi-Device Immersive TV-Experience: User Expectations and Practices

  • Wendy Van den Broeck
  • Pau Pamplona
  • Sergi Fernandez Langa