SIGMM Funding for New Initiatives including Desk Study of Gender and Diversity within SIGMM

The ACM SIGMM (Special Interest Group in Multimedia) provides a forum for researchers, engineers, and practitioners in all aspects of multimedia computing, communication, storage, and applications. We do this through our sponsorship and organisation of conferences and workshops, supporting student travel to such events, discounted registrations, two regional chapters, recognition of excellence and achievement through an awards scheme
and we inform the community of our activities through the SIGMM Records and through mailing lists.
The SIGMM Executive invites applications for funding for new initiatives. These initiatives should focus on one, or more, of the following:
- building on SIGMM’s excellence and strengths;
- nurturing new talent in the SIGMM community;
- addressing weakness(es) in the SIGMM community and in SIGMM activities.
The fund can support auditable expenses incurred and necessary for the completion of the initiative. 
In addition to the general call for new initiatives, SIGMM calls for applications for funding for a desk study into the topic of gender and diversity within SIGMM community and activities, similar to what has been done in ACM SIGARCH, see
Proposals will be evaluated based on impact and contribution to the SIGMM community, and cost-effectiveness of the budget, and recommendations will be made by a selection committee, who will report to the SIGMM Executive.
Submissions should be sent by email to the SIGMM Chair at and and vice-chair at and should be in PDF of up to 2 pages max.
An initial selection will be made from submissions made on or before a closing date of 15 January 2018 and thereafter a rolling closing date will operate, with submissions assessed on a periodic basis.
For informal enquiries contact SIGMM Chair