ACM Multimedia
Video 2006
This page provides the videos that were selected for presentation during ACM Multimedia 2006. There are three categories:
Video demonstrations
(8 minutes) - gives a self-explanatory demo of a tool, system, or application. In addition we would like to encourage media artists to submit work that exemplifies new trends in video art or describes an interactive multimedia art application.
Video visions
(8 minutes) - describes a new brave idea of multimedia technology.
Video figures
(3 minutes) - accompanies a regular or short paper submission and serves as an illustration
Video demonstrations and video visions are presented during the video demonstration session, whereas video figures are presented together with the paper during the allocated session.

The order of videos in a category does not indicate any ranking.

Before we show all selected videos, we would like to present the prize winners in the categories for best demonstration and best vision video. The prizes are sponsored by
Prize winners

MMM2: Mobile Media Metadata for Media Sharing [paper]
Last year's winner - this year's winner will be announced at ACM MM 06
Post翨it: Embodied Video Contents on Tiny Stickies
Last year's winner - this year's winner will be announced at ACM MM 06
Video demonstrations

Audiovisual Slideshow: Present Your Journey by Photos [MPEG4 version] [paper]
Jun-Cheng Chen, Wei-Ta Chu, Jin-Hau Kuo, Chung-Yi Weng, and Ja-Ling Wu1 路 National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Automatic Scaling and Cropping of Videos for Devices with Limited Screen Resolution [MPEG4 version] [paper]
Stephan Kopf, Fleming Lampi, Thomas King, and Wolfgang Effelsberg 路 University of Mannheim, Germany
Globe4D, Time-Traveling with an Interactive Four-Dimensional Globe [MPEG4 version] [paper]
Rick Companje, Nico van Dijk, Hanco Hogenbirk, and Dani.a Mast 路 Leiden University, The Netherlands
Virtual Videography [MPEG4 version] [paper]
Rachel Heck, Michael Wallick, and Michael Gleicher 路 University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Video Color Adaptation for Mobile Devices [MPEG4 version] [paper]
Stephan Kopf, Thomas King, Fleming Lampi, and Wolfgang Effelsberg 路 University of Mannheim, Germany
Video Inpainting and Implant via Diversified Temporal Continuations [MPEG4 version] [paper]
Timothy K. Shih, Nick C. Tang, Wei-Sung Yeh, and Ta-Jen Chen 路 Tamkang University, Taiwan
Video visions

This year no video visions were selected.
Video figures

This year no video figures were selected.
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