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This page provides the videos presented during the first eight years at ACM Multimedia. In case you have presented a video and still can provide it and the releted article, please contact

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Videos were kindly provided by Lynda Hardman, CWI. The digitisation was done by John Doherty, FXPAL.

EagleEyes: Eye Controlled Multimedia
P. Olivieri, J. Gips, and J. McHugh · Boston College, USA
Multimedia Tutorials in an Academic Environment
J.D. Farquhar · Penn State Harrisburg, USA
L. Kempski · JPL Video Production, USA
U. Nadarajan and G. J. Yaverbaum · Penn State Harrisburg, USA
Speechacts: A Conversational Speech System [paper]
N. Yankelovich · Sun Microsystems Laboratories, USA
Surfing the Web by Voice [paper]
C. T. Hemphill and P. R. Thrift · Texas Instruments, USA
MBone VCR - Video Conference Recording on the MBone
W. Holfelder · International Computer Science Institute, USA
PET - Priority Encoding Transmission: A new Robust and Efficient Video Broadcasting Technology [paper]
B. Lamparter, A. Albanese, M. Kalfane and M. Luby · International Computer Science Institute, USA
MPI - Video Prototype System [paper]
A. Katkere, D. Y. Kuramura, P. Kelly, S. Moezzi, A. Chatterjee and R. Jain · Visual Computing Lab, UCSD, USA

Videos were kindly provided by Lynda Hardman, CWI. The digitisation was done by John Doherty, FXPAL.

Multimedia Frameworks
CMIFed: A Transportable Hypermedia Authoring System [paper]
G. van Rossum, L. Hardman, J. Jansen and S. Mullender · CWI, NL
Nemesis: Multimedia Information Delivery [paper]
R. Brandwein, H. Katseff, R. Markowitz, R. Mortenson and R. Robinson · AT&T Bell Labs, USA
ExpertMedia/2: A Multimedia Expert System Shell for Domain Experts [paper]
A. Hekmatpour · IBM, USA
Video Capture, Indexing and Retrieval
Capturing and Playing Multimedia Events with STREAMS [paper]
G. Cruz and R.Hill · Bellcore, USA
Media Streams: Representing Video for Retrieval and Repurposing [paper]
M. Davis · MIT Media Lab and Interval Research Corp., USA
Informedia Digital Video Library [paper]
M. Christel, S. Stevens and H. Wactlar · SEI, USA
The MICE Project - Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for Europe [paper]
The MICE Consortium
Combining Realtime Multimedia Conferenceing with hypertext archives in distance eduction [paper]
P. E. Dybwik and H. Lie · Norwegian Telecom research, Norway
An Argo Telecollaboration Session [paper]
H. Gajewska, J. Kistler, M. Manasse and D. Redell · DEC SRC, USA
Support for Multimedia Delivery
Adaptiv, Best-Effort Delivery of Live Audio and Video Across Packet-Switched Networks [paper]
K. Jeffay and D. Stone · UNC, USA
The Tenet Real-Time Protocol Suite: A Demonstration [paper]
E. Knightly, F. Templin, A. Banerja, B. Mah, H. Zhang, and D. Ferrari · University of California, USA
Operating System Support for Multimedia Applications [paper]
C. W. Mercer · Carnegie-Mellon University, USA
Multimedia in the Arts
To His Machine
E. Skellings · Florida Ctr. for Electronic Communication, USA
Philly Sound Park [paper]
C. Janney, S. Langstaff, G. Pingree and M. Schwartz
Come, Human, Spin in my Web! [paper]
H. Reiser and B. Reiser

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