04th Sep 2009

Location, venue and maps

A clickable campus map can be found at this link right here. Note the following important locations:

  • The conference venue is the Friend Center, attached to the Computer Science building. The Sunday reception will be held in Sherrerd Hall, across the courtyard from the Friend Center. This is about 0.4miles from the Nassau Inn. The reception starts at 7pm on Sunday.
  • The Dinky Station is where the train from New York arrives on campus. This is south of the Nassau Inn, across campus by about 0.4 miles.
  • The Nassau Inn is not on this map, but it is right above 1 Palmer Square in the top center. The Inn is in the square, just past the post office.

The Banquet venue is the Mountain Lakes House, at 57 Mountain Avenue. This is a little under a mile from the Hotel, to the north.

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