Multimedia and Security Workshop 2004, Magdeburg, Germany

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Organizing Committee

Point General Chair Jana Dittmann
Otto-von-Guericke university Magdeburg, Germany
Point Program Chair Jessica Fridrich
SUNY Binghamton, USA
Point ACM SIGMM Chair Ramesh Jain
Georgia Tech, USA

Multimedia and Security

Magdeburg, Germany,
September 20-21 ,2004
Otto-von-Guericke University


Submission deadline for the final Version is July 5 and please register for the workshop for the early bird!
Final Paper Submission

ACM Multimedia and Security Workshop 2004

Organizing Committee

General Chair
Jana Dittmann
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

Program Chair
Jessica Fridrich
SUNY Binghamton, USA

Ramesh Jain
Georgia Tech, USA

Program Committee

Jana Dittmann
Jessica Fridrich
Mauro Barni
Ahmet Eskicioglu
Ton Kalker
Deepa Kundur
Stefan Katzenbeisser
Heung-Kyo Lee
Ching-Yung Lin
Chun-Shien Lu
Alessia De Rosa
Nasir Memon
Nicholas Sheppard
Ramarathnam Venkatesan
Slava Voloshinovsky
Alessandro Piva

The Multimedia and Security Workshop objective is to set a platform able to identify key issues to be addressed by future research in the areas of media manipulation recognition, media data authentication, and detection of hidden communication channels. We expect the workshop to help motivate this research and to establish fruitful relationships with key actors in the European, US, and Asian countries. 


  • Discussion of emerging technologies in digital multi-media authentication, identification, fingerprinting, and steganalysis.
  • Identification of key research problems with the biggest impact on specified deficiencies in the field of multimedia security and distribution

  • Formulation of target applications of said technologies (in both the commercial and military sector)

  • Discussion of legal issues connected to multimedia security, digital watermarking, and steganography

The mission of the workshop is to bring together experienced researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia, industry, and government for a discussion of aspects and the impact of digital manipulations and steganographic channels. The workshop reflects the strength and weaknesses of what the multimedia community has to offer to meet the needs of secure multimedia environments. Participants get an excellent overview about what the community has to offer, where the improvements are, and discuss ongoing progress as well as open research problems. The workshop will consist of invited papers, submitted papers, panel discussions, and a rump session.

Papers should address fundamental issues of multimedia watermarking and steganography. We will consider both theoretical papers dealing with fundamental issues and application oriented contributions (software and hardware demos highly encouraged). Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Robust watermarking of multimedia
  • Authentication of multimedia
  • Informational-theoretical aspects of data hiding
  • Steganography and steganalysis
  • Forensic analysis of digital multimedia
  • Practical systems with aspects of data hiding
  • Watermarking quality evaluations and benchmarks
  • New applications, security issues and legal aspects

In particular, the call for papers includes request for full papers with high degree of innovations as well as papers for the rump session where we encourage people submitting papers that are interesting incremental improvements of existing art or sufficiently motivated papers with new ideas and research directions. Full papers should be 6–12 pages long, rump session papers 4-6 pages long (ACM format Accepted papers will be published as ACM workshop proceedings.

Submission deadline for the final Version is July 5 and please register for the workshop for the early bird

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