Call for Technical Demos

(Submission closed)


As in previous years, ACM Multimedia will provide demonstration sessions. Demos are intended as real, practical, and interactive proof of the presenters’ research ideas and scientific or engineering contributions, with the goal of providing multimedia researchers and practitioners with the opportunity to discuss working multimedia systems, applications, prototypes, or proof-of-concepts. Such a setting allows conference attendants to view and interact first hand with live evidence of innovative solutions and ideas in the field of multimedia and to see leading edge research at work.

Expected Contents
Submissions are encouraged in all areas related to multimedia, as advertised in ACM MM 2012 general call for papers.

Once accepted, demonstrators will be provided with a table (1,800mm width), a poster board (1,200mm width), a power outlet (100V, 60Hz, Max 600W, Type-A (Please check the description in Wikipedia. There are different definitions of Type-A. The Japanese type is the same as 120V, North American standard)) and wireless (shared) Internet. Demo presenters are expected to bring with themselves everything else needed for their demo, such as hardware, laptops, sensors, PCs, etc. However if you have special requests such as a larger space, special lighting condition and so on, we will do our best to arrange them.

Submission Guidelines
All submissions will be peer-reviewed to ensure quality. Please submit a 2 page demo proposals in standard ACM MM 2012 format, with the exception that the papers need not be blind. Also each demo submission must contain a supplementary file, either in PowerPoint format (no more than 10 slides) or in video (no longer than 3 minutes, playable in VLC 1.1.12 or higher) explaining to the judges:

  • What is the scientific or engineering concept behind the work?
  • What is the novelty of the work and how is the work different from existing systems/techniques?
  • What will be actually shown during the demo?

In addition, a PDF file of one page description about your demo booth configuration may be provided if you have special requests. Please note that the submission system can accept only one supplementary file (Max 10MB). Therefore you have to compress multiple files into one ZIP file for submitting the supplementary materials. If the size of your supplementary materials exceed 10MB, please contact the demo chairs and arrange a way to submit the file.

Link to the Online Submission System

Important Dates

  • Deadline:                                  May 14, 2012 May 31, 2012
  • Notification:                             June 22, 2012 July 6, 2012 July 10, 2012
  • Camera-ready submission:    July 30, 2012


Technical demonstration chairs:

  • Qi Tian (Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, US)
  • Hirokazu Kato (Nara Inst. of Science & Technology, JP)