Accepted Papers

Full papers (Acceptance rate: 20.2%)

Paper ID Paper Title
1 The Acoustic Emotion Gaussians Model for Emotion-Based Music Annotation and Retrieval
47 Attribute Feedback
66 Spatial Pooling of Heterogeneous Features for Image Applications
88 A Social Network-aided Efficient Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming System
90 Sense Beauty via Face, Dressing, and/or Voice
91 Discovering Informative Social Subgraphs and Predicting Pairwise Relationships from Group Photos
110 Constraint-Optimized Keypoint Inhibition/Insertion Attack: Security Threat to Scale-Space Image Feature Extraction
111 Query-driven iterated neighborhood graph search for scalable visual indexing
113 Accelerating SURF Detector on Mobile Devices
114 Harvesting Visual Concepts for Image Search with Complex Queries
118 Whom should I Trust: Topic-sensitive Influencer Mining for Personalized Image Search
123 Query-Adaptive Shape Topic Mining for Hand-Drawn Sketch Recognition
152 “Hi, Magic Closet, Tell Me What to Wear!”
165 El-pincel – A Painter Cloud Service for Greener Web Pages
172 Discovering and Ranking Areas of Interest with Geo-tagged Images and Check-ins
183 An Interactive System of Stereoscopic Video Conversion
193 Controlling Urban Lighting by Human Motion Patterns results from a full Scale Experiment
195 Unsupervised Face-Name Association via Commute Distance
198 A Smile Can Reveal Your Age: Enabling Facial Dynamics in Age Estimation
215 Understanding screen contents for building a high performance, real time screen sharing system
223 Online Crowdsourcing Subjective Image Quality Assessment
239 SymCity: Feature Selection by Symmetry for Large Scale Image Retrieval
259 Annotating Web Images using NOVA: NOn-conVex group spArsity
261 MOGAT: Mobile Games with Auditory Training for Children with Cochlear Implants
262 Scalar Quantization for Large Scale Image Search
270 Multi-View Learning from Imperfect Tagging
275 Don’t Ask Me What I’m Like,  Just Watch and Listen
290 Knowledge Adaptation for Ad Hoc Multimedia Event Detection with Few Examplars
303 Image Annotation by Semantic Sparse Recoding of Visual Content
312 Image Understanding and Responsive Design for Automating Magazine Layout
319 Scalable mining of small visual objects
330 Leveraging High-level and Low-level Features for Multimedia Event Detection
332 A Bag-of-Objects Retrieval Model for Web Image Search
338 On Shape and the Computability of Emotions
340 Propagation-Based Social-Aware Replication for Social Video Contents
345 Hybrid Social Media Network
355 A Unified Submodular Framework towards Video Pooling and Hashing
356 GreenTube: Power Optimization for Mobile Video Streaming via Dynamic Cache Management
357 MusicScore: Mobile Music Composition for Practice and Fun
360 Jetway: Minimizing Costs on Inter-Datacenter Video Traffic
368 Context-Aware Mobile Music Recommendation for Daily Activities
374 Snap-and-Ask: Answering Multimodal Question by Naming Visual Instance
387 IMShare: Instantly Sharing Your Mobile Images by Search-based Reconstruction
388 Low Bitrate Source-filter Model Based Compression of Vibrotactile Texture Signals in Haptic Teleoperation
391 Embedding Spatial Context into Inverted File for Large-Scale Image Search
395 Modeling the QoE of Rate Changes in SKYPE/SILK VoIP Calls
403 Dinner of Luciérnaga- An interactive Play with iPhone App in Theater
415 Visual Knowledge Transfer among Multiple Cameras for People Counting with Occlusion Handling
451 When Video Search Goes Wrong: Predicting Query Failure Using Search Engine Logs and Visual Search Results
454 Mining In-Class Social Networks for Large-Scale Pedagogical Analysis
464 Action Recognition for Human-Marionette Interaction
468 Finding Perfect Rendezvous On the Go: Accurate Mobile Visual Localization and Its Applications to Routing
469 SocialTransfer: Cross-Domain Transfer Learning from Social Streams for Media Applications
483 PaperVideo: Multiple Videos In Physical Space
499 Interactive Data-Driven Discovery of Temporal Behavior Models From Events In Media Streams
510 Joint statistical analysis of images and keywords with applications in semantic image enhancement
532 MoViMash: Online Mobile Video Mashup
542 In the eye of the beholder: Employing statistical analysis and eye tracking for analyzing abstract paintings
574 Efficient Image Annotation for Automatic Sentence Generation
577 Exploratory Search of Long Surveillance Videos
579 Control of Distributed Servers for Quality-Fair Delivery of Multiple Video Streams
587 Vibrotactile Feedback of Motor Performance Errors for Enhancing Motor Learning
679 Correlated Attribute Transfer with Multi-task Graph-Guided Fusion
686 Image Colorization Using Similar Images
716 Exploiting Visual Word Co-occurrence for Image Retrieval
736 Enabling “Togetherness” in High-Quality Domestic Video Conferencing
1042 A Multimedia Analytics Framework for Browsing Image Collections in Digital Forensics

Short papers (Acceptance rate: 31.2%)

Paper ID Paper Title
46 Visual Query Attributes Suggestion
49 Video Saliency Detection in the Compressed Domain
52 Compact Kernel Hashing with Multiple Features
65 Dynamic Camera Calibration Method for Free-viewpoint Experience in Sport Videos
112 Similar image search with a tiny bag-of-delegates representation
141 A Robust and Efficient Shot Boundary Detection Approach Based on Fisher Criterion
179 Robust Cross-Media Transfer for Visual Event Detection
186 Online Non-feedback Image Re-ranking via Dominant Data Selection
190 A Genetic Algorithm for Audio Retargeting
194 Seam Carving with Forward Gradient Difference Maps
197 Optimal Semi-Supervised Metric Learning for Image Retrieval
229 Surveillance Video Coding via Low-Rank and Sparse Decomposition
238 Enhanced Extraction of Moving Objects in Variable Bit-Rate Video Streams
274 Low Rank Metric Learning for Social Image Retrieval
286 Improving Dense Image Correspondence Estimation with Interactive User Guidance
317 View-based 3D Object Retrieval by Bipartite Graph Matching
361 Predicting Human Activities using Spatio-Temporal Structure of Interest Points
475 Personalized Video Recommendation Through Tripartite Graph Propagation
476 Local Visual Words Coding for Low Bit Rate Mobile Visual Search
480 Can we understand van Gogh’s Mood? Learning to infer affects from images in social networks
484 Human Action Recognition and Retrieval Using Sole Depth Information
493 Clothing Genre Classification by Exploiting the Style Elements
494 AttachedShock: Facilitating Moving Targets Acquisition on Augmented Reality Devices using Goal-crossing Actions
563 MixPad: Augmenting Interactive Paper with Mice & Keyboards for Cross-media and Fine-grained Interaction with Documents
671 Attribute-assisted Reranking for Web Image Retrieval
676 Query Expansion Enhancement by Fast Binary Matching
677 Image Tag Re-ranking by Coupled Probability Transition
683 Touch Saliency
710 Local Geometry Adaptive Manifold Re-Ranking for 3D Object Retrieval
741 Recognizing Actions Using Depth Motion Maps-based Histograms of Oriented Gradients
742 Context-aware Affective Images Classification based on Bilayer Sparse Representation
744 DLMSearch: Diversified Landmark Search by Photo
765 Gabor-Based Gradient Orientation Pyramid for Kinship Verification Under Uncontrolled Environments
771 Detecting Rule of Simplicity from Photos
773 An Approach to Automatic Construction of Cinemagraphs
774 Robust Stroke-based Video Animation via Layered Motion and Correspondence
779 Fast Semantic Image Retrieval based on Random Forest
781 Sketch-based Image Retrieval on Mobile Devices Using Compact Hash Bits
786 Breaking Row-Column Shuffle Based Image Cipher
796 Human-Computer Dance Interaction with Realtime Accelerometer Control
801 Texture Optimization for Seamless View Synthesis Through Energy Minimization
812 Activity-Based Person Identification Using Sparse Coding and Discriminative Metric Learning
817 Detection Bank: An Object Detection Based Video Representation for Multimedia Event Recognition
819 Robust AAM-Based Audio-Visual Speech Recognition against Face Direction Changes
825 Towards Relevance and Saliency Ranking of Image Tags
829 Reducing Cross-Group Traffic with Cooperative Streaming Architecture
833 Mobile-Based Advertisement Information Retrieval from Images and Websites
835 Semi-Supervised Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning for Video Annotation Task
838 On the Music Content Authentication
841 A Study on Making Camera Trajectory from Panorama Watching Manipulation
842 A user study on image browsing on touchscreens
848 Discriminative ICA Model with Reconstruction Constraint for Image Classification
853 A New Heat-Map-based Algorithm for Human Group Activity Recognition
858 Geo-Location Inference on News Articles via Multimodal pLSA
859 A method for detecting salient regions using integrated features
862 Multimedia Event Recounting with Concept based Representation
864 Critical Gameplay: Designing Games to Critique Convention
869 Search Web Images Using Objects, Backgrounds and Conditions
871 Virtual reference view generation for CBIR-based visual pose estimation
881 Detecting Viewing Directions to Landmarks for Recommendation  by Large-scale User-contributed Photos
890 Sparsity Cue in Image Copy Detection
891 Deep Nonlinear Metric Learning with Independent Subspace Analysis for Face Verification
894 QoE-based Opportunistic Transmission for Video Broadcasting in Heterogeneous Circumstance
898 Color Transfer Based on Multiscale Gradient-aware Decomposition and Color Distribution Mapping
899 What is Happening: Annotating Images with Verbs
904 On Sparse and Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition for Singing Voice Separation
914 Memorable Basis: Towards Human-Centralized Sparse Representation
920 Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval Based on Clustering by Multiple Sequence Alignment
923 Social Tag Alignment with Image Regions by Sparse Reconstructions
926 Neighborhood Preserving Hashing for Fast Similarity Search
932 Detecting Text in the Real World
933 Hybrid Generative-Discriminative Recognition of Human Action in 3D  Joint Space
935 Smooth and efficient crowd transformation
936 Face Image Super-Resolution via Nearest Feature Line
937 Face Photo Retrieval by Sketch Example
944 Drive Video Summarization based on Double Articulation Structure of Driving Behavior
946 Modalities Consensus for Multi-Modal Constraint Propagation
948 Augmented Reality Card Game based on User-specific Information Control
950 Interactive Multimodal Social Robot for Improving Quality of Care of Elderly in Australian Nursing Homes
951 Joint Semantic Segmentation by Searching for Compatible-Competitive References
952 Plug&Touch: A Mobile Interaction Solution for Large Display via Vision-Based Hand Gesture Detection
958 Geometric context-Preserving Progressive Transmission in Mobile Visual Search
961 An Effective Multi-Clue Fusion Approach for Web Video Topic Detection
962 Secure Cloud-based Medical Data Visualization
964 State-based Steganography in Low Bit Rate Speech
968 Efficient Mobile Landmark Recognition Based on Saliency-Aware Scalable Vocabulary Tree
969 3D Fingertip and Palm Tracking in Depth Image Sequences
975 Parsing Collective Behaviors by Hierarchical Model with Varying Structure
976 Supervised Cross-collection Topic Modeling
978 Markov-based Image Forensics for Photographic Copying from Printed Picture
979 Secure Content Sharing for Social Network Using Fingerprinting and Encryption in the TSH Transform Domain
981 PDSS: Patch-Descriptor-Similarity Space for Effective Face Verification
986 Correlation-based burstiness for logo retrieval
989 Large-Scale Simultaneous Multi-Object Recognition and Localization via Bottom Up Search-Based Approach
990 From Speech to Personality: Mapping Voice Quality and Intonation into Personality Differences
991 Predicting the Conflict Level in Television Political Debates: an Approach Based on Crowdsourcing, Nonverbal Communication and Gaussian Processes
992 Sketch-based Image Retrieval on Large Scale Database
998 Using Structural Patches Tiling to Guide Human Head-Shoulder Segmentation
1000 Video Object Segmentation with Shortest Path
1001 Indoor and outdoor profiling of users in multimedia installations
1002 A study on the user perception to color variations
1003 Video Object Cosegmentation
1004 Parallel Deblocking Filtering in H.264/AVC using Multiple CPUs and GPUs
1007 ROI-Based Protection Scheme for High Definition Interactive Video Applications
1008 Community as a Connector: Associating Faces with Celebrity Names in Web Videos
1009 Toward Next Generation Coaching Tools for Court Based Racquet Sports
1014 Ulcer Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Videos
1023 Advanced Downlink LTE Radio Resource Management for HTTP-Streaming
1028 Dynamic Vocabularies for Web-based Concept Detection by Trend Discovery
1033 Comparison of prediction-based fusion and feature-level fusion across different learning models
1036 Digiti Sonus: An Interactive Fingerprint Sonification
1045 Conversationally-inspired Stylometric Features for Authorship Attribution in Instant Messaging
1050 Coherent Image Selection Using a Fast Approximation to the Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem
1056 Depth Estimation for Semi-Automatic 2D to 3D Conversion
1059 Predicting Domain Adaptivity: Redo or Recycle?
1065 Social Event Detection: Finding Events through the Social Interaction Graph
1068 Music/Speech Classification Using High-level Features Derived from fMRI Brain Imaging
1069 Bilingual Analysis of Song Lyrics and Audio Words
1074 Self-Paced Dictionary Learning for Image Classification
1077 Bridging Music and Image: A Preliminary Study  with Multiple Rank-CCA Learning
1080 Energy-Aware Adaptations in Mobile 3D Graphics
1081 ITEM: Immersive Telepresence for Entertainment and Meeting with Commodity Setup
1084 Predicting Participants in Public Events using Stock Photos
1088 Name That Room: Room identification using acoustic features in a recording
1090 Extending the Life Log to Non-human Subjects: Ambient Storytelling for Human-Object Relationships
1118 Enhancing Visual Dominance by  Semantics-Preserving Image Recomposition
1119 PRiSMA: Searching Images in Parallel
1127 Client-side backprojection of presentation slides into educational video