About Nara

Nara was the ancient capital of Japan, “Heijyo-kyo” with a history of more than 1,300 years. Ancient Japanese culture blended with various foreign cultures that travelled thousands of miles through the “Silk road”, which formed the basis of the country’s unique culture and spirit. It is the home of several UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Todai-ji temple (Great Buddha), Kasuga grand shrine, and Horyu-ji temple. The conference venue “Nara Prefecture New Public Hall” is located in Nara Park, in the central of Nara city, within walking distance to historical monuments such as the Great Buddha and Kofuku-ji temple, and cultural sites such as Nara National Museum.

Nara is located within an hour’s train ride from its succeeding capital, Kyoto, and the lively city of Osaka, the modern center of Western Japan. An hourly bus service allows participants to travel directly to Nara from Osaka’s Kansai Intl. airport (KIX) in 80 minutes.