Detailed Conference Schedule


[Further information is available on the tutorials, workshops, and the Interactive Arts Program.]


Note: The "Brave New Topics 2" session was rescheduled - it is now on Wednesday 2:00-3:30pm (and now called "Brave New Topics 1").



Monday, October 23, 2006



Noon-6:00pm: Interactive Arts Program Exhibition (at UCSB)



Full-day Tutorial (8:30am-5:30pm)


Peer-to-Peer Multimedia Applications

Jin Li



Half-day Tutorials: Morning (8:30am-noon)


Interactive Digital Television and Multimedia Systems

Pablo Cesar and Konstantinos Chorianopoulos


Flexible Modeling and Performance Debugging of Real-Time Embedded Multimedia Systems

Samarjit Chakraborty


Computer Audition: An introduction and research survey

Shlomo Dubnov


Recent developments in video compression standards and their impact on embedded platforms: from scalable to multi-view video coding

Iole Moccagatta



Half-day Tutorials: Afternoon (2:00pm-5:30pm)


Data Mining and Information Retrieval in Time Series/Multimedia Databases

Eamonn Keogh


Multimedia Content Protection

Dulce Ponceleon, Julian Cerruti


Semantic Indexing and Retrieval of Video

Marcel Worring, Cees Snoek



Tuesday, October 24, 2006



8:30-10:00am – Conference opening remarks and Keynote presentation

Session Chair: Matthew Turk, UC Santa Barbara


Sensitivity Analysis: Unexpected Outcomes in Art and Engineering

Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley



10:00-10:30am – Coffee break (sponsored by FXPAL)



10:30am-noon – Best Papers Session

Session Chair: Wolfgang Klas, Univ. of Vienna


An Innovative Three-Dimensional User Interface for Exploring Music Collections Enriched with Meta-Information from the Web

Peter Knees, Markus Schedl, Tim Pohle, Gerhard Widmer


Tiling Slideshow

Jun-Cheng Chen, Wei-Ta Chu, Jin-Hau Kuo, Chung-Yi Weng, Ja-Ling Wu


Video Search Reranking via Information Bottleneck Principle

Winston Hsu, Lyndon Kennedy, Shih-Fu Chang



Noon-6:00pm: Interactive Arts Program Exhibition (at UCSB)

Shuttle vans available approximately hourly between hotel and UCSB



Noon-2:00pm – Conference Lunch (sponsored by Microsoft Research)

Plaza Del Sol (outdoors plaza at the hotel)



Noon-4:00pm – Short Papers Poster Session 1

Authors at posters 1:00-2:00pm and 3:30-4:00pm

Session Chair: Brian Bailey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Maximum Unfolded Embedding: Formulation, Solution and Application for Image Clustering

Huan Wang


An Efficient Approach to Generic Multimedia Adaptation

Joseph Thomas-Kerr


Atomic Topical Segments Detection for Instructional Videos

Ying Li


Building Concept Ontology for Medical Video Annotation

Jianping Fan


Real-time Automatic 3D Scene Generation from Natural Language Voice and Text Descriptions

Lee Seversky


Training Combination Strategy of Multi-stream Fused Hidden Markov Model for Audio-visual Affect Recognition

Zhihong Zeng


Fourth Frame Forums: Interactive Comics for Collaborative Learning

Andrew Gordon


Improving the Experience of Controlling Avatars in Camera-Based Games Using Physical Input

Na Li


Effective and Efficient Object-based Image Retrieval Using Visual Phrases

Qing-Fang Zheng Zheng


Music Emotion Classification: A Fuzzy Approach

Yi-Hsuan Yang


Shape from Regularities for Interactive 3D Reconstruction of Piecewise Planar Objects from Single Images

Zhenguo Li


To Construct Optimal Training Set For Video Annotation

Jinhui Tang


Low Complexity Controllable Scrambler/Descrambler for H.264/AVC in Compressed Domain

Ho-Jae Lee


Automatic Function selection for Large Scale Salient Object Detection

Yuli Gao


Tracking Users through a Projection Screen

Ismo Rakkolainen


3D Object Retrieval with Easy 3D Query Generation and Graph Based Relevance Feedback

Liangliang Cao


Does Ontology Help in Image Retrieval - A Comparison between Keyword, Text Ontology and Multi-Modality Ontology Approaches

Huan Wang


Automatic Document Orientation Detection and Categorization through Document Vectorization

Shijian Lu


Distortion-Aware Video Communication with Pipeline Forwarding

Mario Baldi


3D Model Retrieval Based on Volumetric Extended Gaussian Image and Hierarchical Self Organizing Map

Jiqi Zhang


On the Significance of Cluster-Temporal Browsing for Generic Video Retrieval – a  Statistical Analysis

Mika Rautiainen


Text Segmentation Based on Stroke Filter

Cheolkon Jung


Video Inpainting and Implant via Diversified Temporal Continuations

Timothy Shih


Synchronization of Multiple Video Recordings Based on Still Camera Flashes

Prarthana Shrestha


GVU-PROCAMS: Enabling Novel Projected Interfaces

Jay Summet


An Unsupervised Method for Clustering Images Based on their Salient Regions of Interest

Gustavo Borba


Quaternion Image Watermarking using the Spatio-Chromatic Fourier Coefficients Analysis

Tsz Kin Tsui


Supporting Guaranteed Continuous Media Streaming in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks with Link Availability Prediction

Min Qin


Transductive Inference using Multiple Experts for Brushwork Annotation in Paintings Domain

Yelizaveta Marchenko


Hybrid Watermarking for Improving Detector Performance

Won-gyum Kim


Design and Implementation of a Multi-stream CableCARD with a High-Speed DVB-Common Descrambler

Joon-Young Jung


News Video Search with Fuzzy Event Clustering using High-level Features

Shi-Yong Neo


Scalable Relevance Feedback Using Click-Through Data for Web Image Retrieval

En Cheng



Noon-4:00pm – Arts Short Papers Poster Session 1

Authors at posters 1:00-2:00pm and 3:30-4:00pm

Session Chair: Marko Peljhan


Cyborglogging with Camera Phones: Steps Toward Equiveillance

Steve Mann, Raymond Lo, James Fung


The Andantephone: Teaching Music by Walking on Patio Stones with Sensors Activated by Sequential Foot Steps

Steve Mann 


Interactive “Immaterial” Screen for Performing Arts

Ismo Rakkolainen


Interactive Composition, Performance and Music Generation

Paolo Bottoni, Stefano Faralli, Anna Labella, Mario Pierro, Claudio  Scozzafava


Flow – An Interactive AJAX-based Internet Information Requesting System

Yu-Chuan Tseng, Chia-Hsiang Lee


Talk2Me: The Art of Augmenting Conversations

Ann  Morrison, Peta Mitchell, Ralf Muhlberger



1:30-2:00pm – Arts Exhibit Overview



2:00-3:30pm – Content 1: Multi-Modal Analysis

Session Chair: Marcel Worring, Univ. of Amsterdam


Segmentation, Categorization, and Identification of Commercial Clips from TV Streams Using Multi-modal Analysis

Ling-Yu Duan, Jinqiao Wang, Yantao Zheng, Jesse Jin, Hanqing Lu, Changsheng Xu


Multimodel Fusion using Learned Text Concepts for Image Categorization

Qiang Zhu, Mei-Chen Yeh, Kwang-Ting Cheng


Live Sports Event Detection Based on Broadcast Video and Web-casting Text

Changsheng Xu, Jinjun Wang, Yiqun Li, Kongwah Wan, Ling-Yu Duan



2:00-3:30pm – Applications 1: Media Presentation

Session Chair: Gopal Pingali, IBM Research


Multimedia Thumbnails for Documents

Berna Erol, Kathrin Berkner, Siddharth Joshi


Video Retargeting: Automating Pan and Scan

Feng Liu, Michael Gleicher


Progressive Cut

Chao Wang, Qiong Yang, Mo Chen, Zhongfu Ye, Xiaoou Tang



2:00-3:30pm – Arts Session 1: Installations and Media Archaeology

Session Chair: Alejandro Jaimes


Buzz: Telling Compelling Stories

Sara Owsley, Kristian Hammond, David Shamma, Sanjay Sood


Archeology of Multimedia

Fabrizio Nunnari, Vincenzo Lombardo, Andrea Valle, Francesco Giordana, Andrea Arghinenti


Instant Archaeologies: Digital Lenses to Probe and to Perforate the

Urban Fabric 

Petra Gemeinboeck, Atau Tanaka, Andy Dong



3:30-4:00pm – Coffee break (sponsored by FXPAL)


4:00-6:00pm – Content 2: Machine Learning in Multimedia

Session Chair: Mohan Kankanhalli, Univ. of Singapore


Content-based Image Retrieval using More Expressive Salient Point Representations

Hui Zhang, Rouhollah Rahmani, Sharath Cholleti, Sally Goldman


Learning Image Manifolds by Semantic Subspace Projection

Jie Yu, Qi Tian


Learning from Facial Aging Patterns for Automatic Age Estimation

Xin Geng, Zhi-Hua Zhou, Yu Zhang, Gang Li, Honghua Dai


Efficient Top-k Hyperplane Query Processing for Multimedia Information Retrieval

Navneet Panda, Edward Chang



4:00-6:00pm – Systems 1 – Streaming

Session Chair: Surendar Chandra, Notre Dame University


Tavarua: Video Streaming with WWAN Striping

Asfandyar Qureshi, Jennifer Carlisle, John Guttag


Scalable Streaming for Heterogeneous Clients

Liqi Lishi, Phillipa Sessini, Anirban Mahanti, Zongpeng Li, Derek Eager


Towards Scalable Delivery of Video Streaming to Heterogeneous Receivers

Bashar Qudah, Nabil Sarhan


Scalable and Adaptive Streaming for Non-Linear Media

David Gotz



4:00-5:30pm – Applications 2: Searching Media I

Session Chair: Jim Gemmell, Microsoft Research


EnjoyPhoto - A Vertical Image Search Engine for Enjoying High-Quality Photos

Lei Zhang, Le Chen, Feng Jing, Kefeng Deng, Wei-Ying Ma


IGroup: Web Image Search Results Clustering

Feng Jing, Changhu Wang, Yuhuan Yao, Kefeng Deng, Lei Zhang, Wei-Ying Ma


Extreme Video Retrieval: Joint Maximization of Human and Computer Performance

Alexander Hauptmann, Wei-Hao Lin, Rong Yan, Jun Yang, Mingyu Chen



7:00-9:00pm – Conference Reception (sponsored by the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts)

Location: California Nanosystems Institute at UCSB

Bus transportation will be provided




Wednesday, October 25, 2006



8:30-10:00am – Applications 3: Entertainment & Home Environments

Session Chair: Dick Bulterman, CWI


Presence and Portrayal: Video for Casual Home Dialogues

David Chatting, Josie Galpin, Judith Donath


Edge Indexing in a Grid for Highly Dynamic Virtual Environments

Beomjoo Seo, Roger Zimmermann


Exploring Composite Acoustic Features for Efficient Music Similarity Query

Jialie Shen, Bin Cui, Gao Cong, Heng Tao Shen, Cui Yu



8:30-10:00am – Content 3: Semantic Concepts

Session Chair: Alan Smeaton, Dublin City Univ.


The Challenge Problem for Automated Detection of 101 Semantic Concepts in Multimedia

Cees Snoek, Marcel Worring, Jan van Gemert, Jan-Mark Geusebroek, Arnold Smeulders


Player Action Recognition in Broadcast Tennis Video with Applications to Semantic Analysis of Sports Game

Guangyu Zhu, Changsheng Xu, Qingming Huang, Wen Gao, Liyuan Xing


Learning Concepts from Large Scale Imbalanced Data Sets Using Support Cluster Machines

Jinhui Yuan, Jianmin Li, Bo Zhang


8:30-10:00am – Arts Session 2: Interactive Spaces and Performance

Session Chair: George Legrady, UC Santa Barbara


Choreographic Buttons: Promoting Social Interaction through Human Movement and Clear Affordances 

Andrew Webb, Andruid Kerne, Eunyee Koh, Pranesh Joshi, YoungJoo Park, Ross



Motion Swarms: Video Interaction for Art in Complex Environments

Quoc Nguyen, Jeffrey Boyd, Christian Jacob, Gerald Hushlak


Movement-based Interactive Dance Performance 

Jodi James, Todd Ingalls, Gang Qian, Daniel Whiteley, Loren Olson, Siew Wong, Thanassis Rikakis



8:30am-noon – Demo Session 1

Session Chair: Baochun Li, Univ. of Toronto


Eye/gaze Tracking in Web, Image and Video Documents

Chabane Djeraba, Stanislas Lew, Dan Simovici Sharing Gaming Experiences

Ole-Ivar Holthe, Leif Arne Rønningen


Fotofiti: Web Service for Photo Management

Benjamin Lee, Wen-Yen Chen, Edward Y. Chang


Multimedia Thumbnails for Documents:  Implementation and Demonstration

Berna Erol, Kathrin Berkner, Siddharth Joshi


Blazingly Fast Image Copyright Enforcement

Herwig Lejsek, Fridrik H. Ásmundsson, Björn Þór Jónsson, Laurent Amsaleg


MAGICAL Demonstration: System for Metadata Automated Generation for Instructional Content

Chitra Dorai, Robert Farrell, Amy Katriel, Galina Kofman, Ying Li, Youngja Park


NNk Networks and Automated Annotation for Browsing Large Image Collections from the World Wide Web

Daniel Heesch, Alexei Yavlinsky, Stefan Ruger


Enabling Secure Distribution of Digital Media to SD-Cards

Dulce Ponceleon


IGroup: A Web Image Search Engine with Semantic Clustering of Search Results

Feng Jing, Changhu Wang, Yuhuan Yao, Kefeng Deng, Lei Zhang, Wei-Ying Ma


Event-Centric Multimedia Data Management for Reconnaissance Mission Analysis and Reporting

Utz Westermann, Srikanth Agaram, Bo Gong, Ramesh Jain


A Real-Time, Multimodal Biofeedback System for Stroke Patient Rehabilitation

Yinpeng Chen, Weiwei Xu, Richard Isaac Wallis, Hari Sundaram, Thanassis Rikakis, Todd Ingalls, Loren Olson, Jiping He


3WNews: Who, Where, and When in News Video

Jun Yang, Alexander G. Hauptmann


3D TV Using MPEG-2 and H.264 View Coding and Autostereoscopic Displays

Lakis Christodoulou, Liam M. Mayron, Hari Kalva, Oge Marques, Borko Furht


PartyPeer: a P2P based Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Leslie S. Liu, Roger Zimmermann, Baoxuan Xiao, Jon Christen



10:00-10:30am – Coffee break (sponsored by IBM)



10:30am-noon – Arts Session 3: Tools for Creativity and Art Analysis

Session Chair: Lonce Wyse


Handheld Electronic Camera Flash Lamp as a Tangible User-Interface for Creating Expressive Visual Art Works. 

Steve Mann, Corey Manders


Hydraulophone Design Considerations: Absement, Displacement, and Velocity-Sensitive Music Keyboard in which Each Key is a Water Jet

Steve Mann, Ryan Janzen, Mark Post


Semi-supervised Annotation of Brushwork in Paintings Domain using Serial

Combinations of Multiple Experts 

Yelizaveta Marchenko, Tat-Seng Chua, Ramesh Jain



10:30am-noon – Systems 2: Distributed Systems

Session Chair: David Gotz, IBM


Fundamental Scaling Laws of Peer-to-Peer Live Multimedia Streaming

Tara Small, Ben Liang, Baochun Li


DANS: Decentralized, Autonomous, and Network-wide Service Delivery and

Multimedia Workflow Processing

G. Kwon, Kasim Candan


Design and Implementation of an Adaptive Distributed On-line Video

Correlation System

Xiaohui Gu, Zhen Wen, Ching-Yung Lin, Philip Yu



10:30am-noon – Applications 4: Searching Media II

Session Chair: Qi Tian, UT San Antonio


Efficient Benchmarking of Content-based Image Retrieval via Resampling

Jialie Shen, Shepherd John


Virtual Observers in a Mobile Surveillance System

Stewart Greenhill, Svetha Venkatesh


Scalability of Local Descriptors: A Comparative Study

Herwig Lejsek, Fridrik Asmundsson, Björn Jónsson, Laurent Amsaleg



Noon-6:00pm: Interactive Arts Program Exhibition (at UCSB)

Shuttle vans available approximately hourly between hotel and UCSB



Noon-2:00pm – Conference Lunch (sponsored by Google) and SIGMM Meeting

SIGMM meeting participants: Reagan Room

Others: Plaza Del Sol


Noon-4:00pm – Short Papers Poster Session 2

Authors at posters 1:00-2:00pm and 3:30-4:00pm

Session Chair: Belle Tseng, NEC Labs


VirtualTour: An Online Travel Assistant Based on High Quality Images

Feng Jing


Audio Similarity Measure by Graph Modeling and Matching

Yuxin Peng


Image Annotation by Large-Scale Content-based Image Retrieval

Xirong Li


Mixed-Initiative Multimedia for Mobile Devices: Unified Design of User-Driven & System-Prompted Modalities

Jeannie Lee


PhotoArcs: Ludic Tools for Sharing Photographs

Morgan Ames


Inserting 3D Projected Virtual Content into Broadcast Tennis Video

Xinguo Yu


Manifold-Ranking Based Video Concept Detection on Large Database and Feature Pool

Xun Yuan


Towards Content-Based Relevance Ranking for Video Search

Wei Lai


Animation Movies Trailer Computation

Patrick Lambert


A Trustworthy End-to-end Key Management Scheme for Digital Rights Management

Yeonjeong Jeong


Detecting Irregularity in Videos Using Kernel Estimation and K-D Trees

Yun Li


User-friendly H.264/AVC for Real-Time Browsing

Pengpeng Ni


Image Annotation Refinement using Random Walk with Restarts

Changhu Wang


An Architecture for Viewer-Side Enrichment of TV Content

Dick Bulterman


Interactive Mosaic Generation for Video Navigation

Kihwan Kim


Syllabic Level Automatic Synchronization of Music Signals and Text Lyrics

Denny Iskandar


Automatic Detection of Player's Identity in Soccer Videos Using Faces and Text Cues

Marco Bertini


The Differential Structure of Sub Pixels Interpolated from Integer Pixels Using N-Tab FIR Filters for High Definition H.264 Video Encoding

Jinwuk Seok


Leveraging Community Annotations for Image Adaptation to Small Presentation Formats

Patrick Schmitz


Interactive Audio-Visual Video Browsing

Wolfgang Hürst


Automatic Annotation and Semantic Retrieval of Video Sequences using Multimedia Ontologies

Marco Bertini


Mapping Learning in Eigenspace for Harmonious Caricature Generation

Junfa Liu


RITZ: a Real-time Tool for Interactive spatilZation

Joshua Nixdorf


Remote Rendering and Streaming of Progressive Panoramas for Remote Virtual Walkthrough on Mobile Devices

Azzedine Boukerche


The Influence of Cross-Validation on Video Classification Performance

Jan van Gemert


A Scalable Service for Photo Annotation, Sharing, and Search

Benjamin Lee


Semantic Image Retrieval Based on Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis

Amin Shah-Hosseini


Diversifying the Image Retrieval Results

Kai Song


Browsing Personal Media Archives with Spatial Context Using Panoramas

Brett Adams


Model Generation for Video-based Object Recognition

Humera Noor Yusuf


Measuring Movement Expertise in Surgical Tasks

Kanav Kahol


Collaborative Dancing in Teleimmersive

Zhenyu Yang


Reading the Fine Print: The Effect of Text Legibility on Perceived Video Quality in Mobile TV

Hendrik Knoche



Noon-4:00pm – Arts Short Papers Poster Session 2

Authors at posters 1:00-2:00pm and 3:30-4:00pm

Session Chair: ???


User Authorship and Creativity within Interactivity 

Karl Willis


Variations 10b: A Digital Realization of Cage's Variations II

Nicholas Knouf


Tabletop Community: Artwork for Visualization of Social Interactions Using a Bipartite Network

Noriyuki Fujimura, Satoshi  Fujiyoshi, Tom Hope, Takuichi Nishimura


Taking Sides: Dynamic Text and Hip-Hop Performance

Jason Lewis, Yannick Assogba


The Computational Extraction Of Spatio-Temporal Formal Structures in the Interactive Dance Work ‘22’

Hari  Sundaram, Thanassis Rikakis, Jodi  James, Vidyarani Dyaberi



2:00-3:30pm – Panel Session: Multimedia and Web 2.0 - Hype, Challenge, Synergy

Session Chair: Susanne Boll, Univ. of Oldenburg



          Edward Chang, Google R&D

          Marc Davis, Yahoo

          Patrick Schmitz, UC Berkeley



2:00-3:30pm – Applications 5: Multimedia Applications Potpourri

Session Chair: Jan Pieper, IBM


Electronic Clipping System with Invisible Barcodes

Koichi Kamijo, Noboru Kamijo, Masaharu Sakamoto


The Design of a Real-Time, Multimodal Biofeedback System for Stroke Patient Rehabilitation

Hari Sundaram, Yinpeng Chen, Thanassis Rikakis


Video Object Segmentation by Motion-based Sequential Feature Clustering

Mei Han, Wei Xu, Yihong Gong



2:00-3:30pm – Brave New Topics Session 1: Multimedia Signal Processing and Systems in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Session Chair: Nevenka Dimitrova, Philips Corporation


Personalized Concept-Based Multimedia Health Records: Opportunities and Challenges

Shahram Ebadollahi, Shih-Fu Chang, Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood, Anni Coden, Arnon Amir, Michael A. Tanenblatt

Multimedia Signal Processing for Behavioral Quantification in Neuroscience
Peter Andrews, Sigal Saar, Haibin Wang, Dan Valente, Jihene Serkhane, Ofer Tchernichovski2, Ilan Golani3, Partha Mitra1

Analysis and Visualization of DNA Spectrograms: Open Possibilities for the Bioinformatics Research
Nevenka Dimitrova, Yee Him Cheung, Michael Zhang


2:00-5:30pm – Demo Session 2

Session Chair: Raju Rangaswami, Florida International Univ.


Large-Scale News Video Retrieval via Visualization

Hangzai Luo, Jianping Fan, Yuli Gao, Shin’ichi Satoh, William Ribarsky


The MediaMill Large-lexicon Concept Suggestion Engine

Marcel Worring, Cees G.M. Snoek, Bouke Huurnink, Jan van Gemer t, Dennis Koelma, Ork de Rooij


MOM: Multimedia Ontology Manager.  A Framework for Automatic Annotation and Semantic Retrieval of Video Sequences

Marco Bertini, Alber to Del Bimbo, Carlo Torniai, Rita Cucchiara, Costantino Grana


Metadata Production Framework and Metadata Editor

Masanori Sano, Yoshihiko Kawai, Hideki Sumiyoshi, Nobuyuki Yagi


Mobile Camera Supported Document Redirection

Qiong Liu, Paul McEvoy


PEANO: Pictorial Enriched ANnotation of VideO

C. Grana, R. Vezzani, D. Bulgarelli, G.Gualdi, R. Cucchiara, M. Bertini, C. Torniai, A. Del Bimbo


ZooMICSS: A Zoomable Map Image Collection Sensemaking System (The Katrina Rita Context)

Ross Graeber, Andruid Kerne, M. Kathryn Henderson


International Remix: Video Editing for the Web

Patrick Schmitz, Peter Shafton, Ryan Shaw, Samantha Tripodi, Brian Williams, Jeannie Yang


Speakr: Auditory Skimming and Scrolling

S H Srinivasan


3dB: A System for Geometric Tagging

Subhajit Sanyal, S H Srinivasan


Fotowiki - Distributed Map Enhancement Service

Wen-Yen Chen, Ben N Lee, Edward Y Chang


GLS: Simulator for Online Multi-player Games

Wladimir Palant, Carsten Griwodz, Pål Halvorsen


Interfaces for Interactive Audio-Visual Media Browsing

Wolfgang Hürst, Tobias Lauer, Robert Kashuba


A System for 3D Projected Virtual Content Insertion into Broadcast Tennis Video

Xin Yan, Xinguo Yu, Tran Thi Phuong Chi


Searching and Browsing Large Scale Image Database Using Keywords and Ontology

Yuli Gao, Hangzai Luo, Jianping Fan


Vocal Telekinesis; Physical Control of Inanimate Objects with Minimal Paralinguistic Voice Input

Sama'a Al Hashimi, Gordon Davies



3:30-4:00pm – Coffee break (sponsored by IBM)


4:00-6:00pm – Content 4: Event and Copy Detection

Session Chair: James Wang, Penn State Univ.


Visual Attention Detection in Video Sequences Using Spatiotemporal Cues

Yun Zhai, Mubarak Shah


Towards Optimal Audio "Keywords" Detection for Audio Content Analysis and Discovery

Lie Lu, Alan Hanjalic


Robust Voting Algorithm Based on Labels of Behavior for Video Copy Detection

Julien Law-To, Olivier Buisson, Valérie Gouet-Brunet, Nozha Boujemaa


Fast Tracking of Near-Duplicate Keyframes in Broadcast Domain with Transitivity Propagation

Chong-Wah Ngo, Wanlei Zhao, Yu-Gang Jiang



4:00-6:00pm – Brave New Topics Session 2: Human-Centered Multimedia

Session Chair: Nicu Sebe, University of Amsterdam


Human-Centered Computing: A Multimedia Persepctive

Alejandro Jaimes, Nicu Sebe, Daniel Gatica-Perez


Human Computing for Interactive Digital Media

Alex Pentland, Jonathan Gips, Wen Dong, Will Stoltzman


Human-Centered Design Meets Cognitive Load Theory: Designing

Interfaces that Help People Think

Sharon Oviatt


Multimedia Production and Human-Centered Computing

Marc Davis



4:00-5:30pm – Doctoral Symposium

Session chair: Yi Wu, Intel Corp.


A Multi-Stream Adaptation Framework for Tele-immersion

Zhenyu Yang


Large-scale Video Retrieval via Semantic Classification

Hangzai Luo


Rate-Accuracy Tradeoff in Automated, Distributed Video Surveillance Systems

Pavel Korshunov



7:00-9:00pm – Conference Banquet



Thursday, October 26, 2006



8:30-10:00am – Keynote presentation

Session Chair: Klara Nahrstedt, UIUC


Implicit Participation

Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo!



10:00-10:30am – Coffee break (sponsored by Yahoo! Research)



10:30am-noon – Content 5: Image Annotation

Session Chair: Lynn Wilcox, FXPAL


SmartLabel: A Object Labeling Tool using Iterated Harmonic Energy Minimization

Wen Wu, Jie Yang


Automatic Image Annotation by Incorporating Feature Hierarchy and Boosting to Scale-up SVM Classifier Training

Jianping Fan, Ramesh Jain


Real-time Computerized Annotation of Pictures

Jia Li, James Wang



10:30am-noon – Systems 3: Assorted Topics

Session Chair: Balakrishnan Prabhakaran, UT Dallas


Event on Demand with MPEG-21 Video Adaptation System

Min Xu, Jiaming Li, Liang-Tien Chia, Jesse Jin, Yiqun Hu, Bu Sung Lee, Deepu Rajan


Very Low Complexity MPEG-2 to H.264 Transcoding Using Machine Learning

Gerardo Fernandez-Escribano, Hari Kalva, Pedro Cuenca, Luis Orozco-Barbosa


Modelling Dependency in Multimedia Streams

Alexander Eichhorn



10:30am-noon – Open Source and Video Program

Session Chair: Scott Brandt, UC Santa Cruz, and Wu-Chi Feng, Portland State Univ.


[Open Source Winner]

CLAM: C++ Library for Audio and Music

Xavier Amatriain, Pau Arumi, David Garcia


Audiovisual Slideshow: Present Your Journey by Photos

Jun-Cheng Chen, Wei-Ta Chu, Jin-Hau Kuo, Chung-Yi Weng, Ja-Ling Wu1


Automatic Scaling and Cropping of Videos for Devices with Limited Screen Resolution

Stephan Kopf, Fleming Lampi, Thomas King, Wolfgang Effelsberg


Globe4D, Time-Traveling with an Interactive Four-Dimensional Globe

Rick Companje, Nico van Dijk, Hanco Hogenbirk, Danica Mast


Virtual Videography

Rachel Heck, Michael Wallick, Michael Gleicher


Video Color Adaptation for Mobile Devices

Stephan Kopf, Thomas King, Fleming Lampi, Wolfgang Effelsberg


Video Inpainting and Implant via Diversified Temporal Continuations

Timothy K. Shih, Nick C. Tang, Wei-Sung Yeh, Ta-Jen Chen



Noon-6:00pm: Interactive Arts Program Exhibition (at UCSB)

Shuttle vans available approximately hourly between hotel and UCSB



Noon-2:00pm – Lunch (on your own)



2:00-3:30pm – Content 6: Multimedia Exploration

Session Chair: Apostol Natsev, IBM TJ Watson


Automatic Video Annotation by Semi-supervised Learning with Kernel Density Estimation

Meng Wang, Xian-Sheng Hua, Yan Song, Xun Yuan, Li Shipeng, Hong-Jiang Zhang


Toward Bridging the Annotation-Retrieval Gap in Image Search

Ritendra Datta, Weina Ge, Jia Li, James Wang


Extraction of social context and application to personal multimedia exploration

Brett Adams, Dinh Phung, Svetha Venkatesh



2:00-5:30pm – MIR Workshop



3:30-4:00pm – Coffee break (sponsored by Yahoo! Research)


4:00-5:30pm – Discussion: Foundations and Directions of Multimedia Research

Session Chair: Matthew Turk, UCSB, and Klara Nahrstedt, UIUC




Friday, October 27, 2006



8:30am-5:30pm – Workshop on Multimedia Information Retrieval (MIR 2006)


8:30am-5:30pm – Workshop on Capture, Archival and Retrieval of Personal Experiences (CARPE 2006)


8:30am-5:30pm – Workshop on Multimedia Content Protection and Security (MCPS 2006)


8:30am-5:30pm – Workshop on Human-Centered Multimedia (HCM 2006)


8:30am-5:30pm – Workshop on Video Surveillance and Sensor Networks (VSSN 2006)


8:30am-5:30pm – Workshop on Audio and Music Computing for Multimedia (AMCMM 2006)



Noon-6:00pm: Interactive Arts Program Exhibition (at UCSB)