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Presenter Information

All of the talks were designated by the PC Committee as either Oral or Poster Presentation. The type of talk was stated in the acceptance email sent to you and also can be verified on the ACMMM 2005 website.

Conference venue: Hilton Hotel, Singapore


Instructions for "Oral Presentation":

i. Presenting Your Paper

You should be present in the conference hall in time for your presentation, from where you will be called to the stage by the Session Chair. Your presentation should last around 30 minutes (25 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for question-answering). Please remember to keep an eye on the Session Chair, who will give you a signal when the time is approaching to bring your presentation to a close. The order of the talks is given in the program or it can be verified on the ACM MM2005 website (

ii. Equipment

The following equipment will be made available in conference hall: PC and data projector equipped with Windows Office (including PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader).


Instructions for "Poster Presentation":

There will be ONE poster session (FOUR tracks) cum conference reception on Tuesday 8 November, 2005. The first three tracks are for technical program short papers: content, applications and systems; and the fourth track is for interactive arts short papers. These will be held at the Lobby of the conference site. Your poster ID can be verified on the conference programme.

Please keep your poster to A1 paper size (594mm by 841mm) or smaller. You may orient it portrait or landscape, it doesn't matter which, as the exhibition panel is square.

An exhibition panel, with adhesive velcro tape, will be provided for you to display your poster. There is a limited number of small tables and electrical outlets if you wish to give a demo. Please ask if you need them. (Note: Singapore's electrical power is 220-240V, 50Hz, and electrical outlets require a 3-pin square plug. See Type G plug here: Please bring your own adaptors as we will not be providing them.)

Wireless networking will be available.

To avoid confusion, please stick your poster on the panel that bears your Poster ID, (Y- xx where `Y' indicates the track and `xx' is poster number). You can verify your poster ID in the programme on the conference web site.


Most of all, enjoy yourself!